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A Very Strange Phenomenon

Only today I found out ,

While looking at the mirror,

A quaint tinge,

A peculiar freckle,

An inclined  curve,

A slight twinge,

A double chin,

A  drooping lag.

Only today  You found out,

My mirror quipped,

It is your  silvery  hair,

It is your   greying wrinkles ,

It is your  age lines,

It is your mild deformity,

It is your new default,

It is your current gait.

Is it me?

really me,

I cry bitterly.

It is you.

Very much you,

giggles the mirror.

Oh !  It is unbelievable.

It looks  incredible,

I wail pathetically


It is only today, I found out.

It is only today ,I found out.

This very strange phenomenon.