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Begot An Angel

It was a Monday morn,

Much ahead of  schedule

With half closed eyes ,

With a quaint smile,,

With a loud cry,

I see my angel descend.



His  smile still lingers,

Though with a  gushing  mischief,

His   sharp wit still persists,

Though with an added incision,

I stand in expectation,

As  I notice  my angel’s growth..




His  enthusiasm  enlivens,

His  determination deciphers

His   authority  affirms,

His  boldness bolsters,

I   head towards the goal,

 As I espy my   angel  blossom.





Unruffled by  misdemeanour,

Unscathed by adversities,

Untouched by  frailties,

Unflinched by failures,

I  clamber to the heights

 As I conceive my angel’s  triumph.




The youngest of my brood,

The  pampered of all

The wittiest of the lot,

Spreads a cosy  snug,

Wherever he be.



Memories go back,

Thoughts push forward,

I hear my little one’s call,


in full – throated  ease.




His cry  wakens me from the reverie

  Thou art  an adult in the offing,

 Thou art a responsible man in stature,

Thou  art an articulate entity,

 Thou art a  grand designate,

Yet you are  my darling

My blessings embark ,

on the wings of poesy,

Fly  across the mighty ocean,

In great speed and spirit,

To greet you,

As you rise up ,

on your birthday.