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Prejudiced Activism

A  faltered   surfing across,

A retarded  skating along,

A triggered flight  above,

Imply an indifference.

A wretched ruthlessness  attempts,

A coveted greediness preempts

A scathing malevolence harbingers

A quashed  contempt lingers.

Brooding  callous designs

To acquire  personal gains,

Discarding honest ethics,

To emancipate the gothic.

Disclosing  thoughts atrocious

Decrying impressions nebulous,

Diminishing  valuations horribly,

Deleting facts indelibly.

All misdeeds  lead to dissolution,

All mishaps direct to destruction,

Most propel diminutive  deluge.

Most promise  discriminate refuge.

Intentions create a revolution.

Instigations cause a rebellion,

Activism nudges  a possibility

Prejudice suffocates  probability.