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Art Of Making A Decision

This or that,

Now or after,

Yes or no,

To decide right,

Is an art.



Economy clogs,

Business looses,

Financials deluge,

To resolve straight,

Is an art.




Country in danger,

Terrorism  in   force  ,

Chaos  in vigour

To   restore peace,

Is an art. 

Nature disturbed,

Quakes predominant,

Floods unabated,

To  reinforce  normalcy,

Is an art.



Crashes  are common,

Break ups are  in  excess,

Disruptions  are   emphatic

 To relieve pain,,

Is an art.




Right decision is  proper,

Right  resolution   is significant, 

Right restoration is remarkable

Right reinforcement is exact,

 Right relief is  benign.

An adorable form of art.