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Passive Activism

Heard of a silent spectator,

Being a passive speculator,

Unmoved by ruffling edicts,

Untouched by tormenting predicts.

Noticed a dormant inert,

Akin to  a defunct  introvert,,

Undisturbed by actions around,

Untouched by targets found.

Living   through a negative brink

By sipping a wholesome drink,

While  singing a doleful anthem,

None can  nonchalantly  fathom.

Passing a leviathan  mandate,

Harbouring a sedentary  masquerade,

Deliberating  on an illusion  non-existent,

Confirming  a  mishap malevolent.

A  thronging breed   mostly found.

A staunch  belief truly unsound,

A  dangerous creed  really alarming

A risky  criteria  truly  disarming.