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Nanda’s Convocation

It  is serene and sober,

Quiet and proper,

Graduates so sombre,

Spectators all eager,

To witness the  graduation.

The chancellor  leads

The Vice chancellor  treads,

The Professors follow.

The retinue    gets on  stage.

To conduct the schedule.

Long speeches in a row,,

Crushingly slow,

Applauses  all  around ,

As the chancellor  rises ,

To confer the prizes.

The scholars line up,

Awaiting the sign up,

As the names are called

They climb  up  ,

To receive the gold.

Watching with  great awe,

Likening it to  what we saw,

As it is  a kindergarten   graduation,

Organised  with concentration,

A    terrific grand show

The coveted  honour ,

Goes to Nanda,

Who  with  a pointy hood ,

And in a five piece suit,

Walks up

To receive the honour.

A lovely convocation,

So original and typical,

So beautiful and radical,

To see the  tiny tots .,

Graduate   from  Kindergarten