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In future

Will hear a song a little away

So sweet and soothing,

So touching and smothering,

Making one to sway.

At present.

Hear a  voice now,

So appealing and delicate,

So lovely and  intricate,

Letting the  head to bow

Long ago,

Heard a melody a while ago,

So enrapturing and binding,

So enchanting and fastening,

Melting the heart to glow.


It is always  a mother’s song

Laden  with  ecstasy

Where the rhythmic fantasy,

Holds the throng.


The  eyelids  close

When   the love  engulfs

While the affinity  entices

Rendering a sight of a rose.

Time immemorial

Hush   little  baby,

Hush  do not cry,

As dad loves you,

And so do I