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Sail Across

The wind is violent,

The tide is  strong,

The storm is a hurricane,

Yet,I manoeuver,

To sail across.

The turmoil is scalping,

The attack is scathing,

The   aftermath  is terrifying,

Yet ,I mange ,

To sail across.

The destruction is absolute,

The dismay is accurate,

The derailment is stalemate,

Yet ,I manipulate ,

To sail across.

The defeat is pronounced,

The withdrawal is announced,

The dilemma is profound,

Yet , I move,

To sail across.

The fate is sealed,

The torture is expected,

The liberty is arrested,

Yet, I make head way,

To sail across.

The unexpected happens,

The unwanted surfaces,

The undesired arises,

Yet,I muster,

To sail across.

The freedom is at stake,

The future appears bleak,

The  flaw soars up,

Yet , I muffle,

To sail across.

Age realises wisdom,

Experience  ushers  sanity,

Suffering delivers greatness,

As , I   struggle,

To sail  across.