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I see them
fighting all the day
the one accusing the other
wherein comes the granddad
and the respective families
in the controversy.

Poor old grand father
dead and gone years ago.
He returns alive
along with his old wife
who does not know the
wife of their grandson.

It ranges for a while
hurling books at each other,
knocking down the chairs
each one turns hysterical
the kids are in fear, at least
they pretend to be so.

The eldest drags
the youngest, closes
the door. The parents
yell and scream,
Later they retire.
It is quiet.

The children smile.
a meaningful one, Being
familiar with the tantrums
and seen them getting
close after few hour,
one repeated every fortnight.



Watch those who liaison
with awe. Impressed by one such
I pick up a conversation.

He is talkative, Delves
into the subject with ease.
Lists numbers and figures.

I listen with attention.
His gestures and body
language simply impressive.

I deter from interrupting, lest
his flow gets arrested. For a while
follow him with appreciation.

My interest slowly wanes
as I sense his repetitions
turn exhaustive.

I yawn, wriggle in my seat,
become restless exploring
ways to stop him.

He refuses to notice
my uneasiness goes on
with a gusto,

it is how negotiations work
Persisting with a skill
and exiting with a result.

Renu Make Believes

Bailing her out
from an entanglement.
a herculean task whatsoever
took the breath out of her kin.

She swoons, weeps,
does everything
the situation calls for
a little dramatic.

She is Renu, who lives
distanced from reality,
saunters in a world
where she builds castles.

She considers herself
important, compares
with saints and pictures
as a kindliest soul.

A phobia it is.
directs her to a depth

Unable to equate with
life that she is into
goes deep into a trap
which cages her.

Her kin bring her out
with severity. She, very soon
retreats and sails easily
into the realm of make believe.

Conquer Your Self

It is simple as such
living within your means.
helping others whenever
you can.

Desire takes you beyond.
You lose yourself. Attempt
to earn through unlawful

Be kind and keep away from
lies. Do not hurt others
If be in the receiving end.
stay quiet.

If you retort, you give room
to agitation. Turmoil
descends. It is a let down.
Never speak back,.

These are the means to achieve.
Do not mean material success
they interpret mental salvation.
Conquer your self.

Astrology Nevertheless

Extending the values
beyond the scope,
stretching the traditional
beliefs to a length
unimaginable, leads
to confusion.

The astrological
based on mathematics
give us an exact picture
while the inclusions later.
turn contextual.

The relevance opposes
the imaginative conclusions
a twist to the tale
comes in the form
of reading the future
after knowing the expectations.

Faith in astrology
is an individual choice
too much will involve
a delivery of inertia
which will stagnate
growth and progress.

Caution is to be exercised
when seeking the astrological
advice. An interesting subject
nevertheless should be
dealt with prudence.
Wisdom rules supreme.


A Sermon

The grass is greener
on the other side
a visual impact
an affectation all along
being a mirage
as when one goes near
could see the patches
and sparse growth
turn round at once
look at the place
where you come from
the area appears beautiful
the faults lie hidden.

The Magnificent Sari

Handloom cotton saris
with checks and stripes
plain and with broad borders
look enchanting. Present
an elegance and a gorgeous
style inexplicable,

Starching them is laborious.
Need to be ironed.Tedious
but worth the hard work.
The decorum is commanding
being a lovely designer wear
for all occasions.

Charm apart, it requires
no stitching. The texture
falls on you with ease,
does not cling to you,
lies loose. Lends an
ephemeral look

If one has to walk
in a sunny afternoon
can cover the head with
the pallu. One can wipe
the wet hands remove
the sweat ‘from the face.

Eulogizing the sari
is my pet subject.
never lose an opportunity
to rant about them
especially the cotton
handwoven ones.