Resignation Rescues

I think of those days
when I used to jump,
up go my legs in motion
through the air without friction
they touche the ground
violent as a storm.

I visualize the past years
when I worked hard
my head plunged headlong
involved in every activity
one of indulgence
being a coveted asset.

At present I contradict
what I had been
my legs find hard to move
wobble and stagger as I
walk through the flat terrain
I am a poor counterfeit of the original.

Away from the crowd, at this juncture
I turn lazy and live a life lethargic
the brain, at the helm commands
the body remains indolent,
a strained coordination
disturbs the equanimity,

That goes with the age
youth has forsaken me
infirmity embraces
a transition in a kind
distracts and detracts
resignation rescues