Deepavalli Enchants

With Deepavalli
around the corner
I hear crackers
explode with noise
see fireworks
rise up in a spectrum.

The old charm being
bygone. I stay watching
the colourful event,
a graduation from
an active involvement
to a silent participation.

Decades back
the sons of mine
boisterous as could
be expected defy
norms ignore cautions,

hold crackers in hand,
ignite them without fear
throw them afar, then
fit them in bottles,
make them explode

excited they jump as the bottle
rises high and falls down
with a thud, the pieces fly
in every directions, thrilled,
I join in the spree .

Those days flash, the anecdotes
slide in a sequence, being
lovely memories that enliven.
This year’s Deepavalli
commences with retrospection.