Navarathiri —- Equality To Women

The nine nights or Navarathri
honours the deities
Parvathi, Lakshmi
and Saraswathi,
for a change .

A slot to the fair ones
generously awarded
by the chauvinists,
mean not only the human
even Gods tend to be so.

The womenfolk
deliver, a theme.
meticulous in their
performance, every detail
attended to.

A depiction of
Meenakshi wedding
where Meenakshi
and Sundereswarar
idols stand prominent,

Could be a tabloid
of Krishna and the Gopis
sequential representation
of Krishna from

Way back Navarathri
has been allotted to women
an opportunity for them
to showcase their skill
and execution.

For once Men give way
to their counterparts.