None The Less A Reward

I am in a situation.
precarious and slippery.
If I lose balance
I might fall.

I tread cautious.
A misstep will
take me down literally
and metaphorically.

Encounter angry eyes
hear words that hurt.
people jibe from back.

I walk ahead
disallowing a turn
left or right.

My aim is to achieve.
Not being one to claim
a Nobel prize.I focus
on an object easily accessible.

It is but a family affair
very simple, plain
as could it be,
Demands a stamina.

Being jumbled up
manipulated and
coerced for no reasons,
I break my head

That is how I have lived
a few more years
will not pass in peace,
destined to face/

Let me fight till the last.
If that is how I should,
I have to. A wasteful ‘exercise
all the more.