She is Like A Breeze

Carefree, fun loving,
playing in her phone
the girl turns responsible
as if in a stroke, in a second.

Likening to a breeze
gentle and calm
extending a pleasure
when they pass through.

This lovely girl,
call her Meenu,
or Meenakshi, the name
most familiar to me,

in her early teens,
deep into studies ,
cares for her brother
substitutes her parents,

while they are at work, she
has an eye over the maid,
an eye at the door,amazing!
deftly she handles.

The parents, as always
find fault, get crossed
if once she falls short
of her duties.

I watch her from afar,
nearly 4000 miles away
feel proud and admire her
for her meticulous execution.

Do not know why I go
back to my younger days
start comparing my days
at that age.

Ashamed to say.
I did nothing whatsoever.