One By One

One by one it goes on.
Those which eluded
have evolved.
That which escaped
are within grasp.

Inconceivable a few days ago
turns significant. Marvellous.
Happiness prevails.
A perfection, pleasing as well

Experience a texture
smooth and petal like.
Tears of joy trickle.
A reward, for sure
though late, exhilarates.


One of a Dare Devil

Day before yesterday
am at home, idle as ever.
thought of an unconventional
deal. An experiment.
One of a dare devil.

Beware of transactions
be vigilant with transpirations
warns the mind
I reject the command
one being ruled by the heart.

Ideas show up in a row
which to choose
and what to follow
I am in a dilemma.

It is not business as usual.
This one  is atypical
and speculative.
Relates to the forthcoming,

Have to decide.
I made. Pacified
Smothered the hurt.
Assuaged the protoganist.

In return received
spat. Patience!
I wade against
the tide. Am
half way. Will I
reach the shores?

“Depends”, delivers the mind.


One of my Cousins

She is one of my cousins
a sensible woman
a contemporary,
one or two years
more or less.

She is from a family
steeped in tradition,
orthodox in conviction,
but stylish in outlook
paradoxical it might be.

Married into a community
primitive in thought
harsh in behaviour. Caught
between the two, she encounters
a meltdown.

She springs a surprise.
The maternal background helps.
She evolves with grace.
Stands out from the crowd.
Embodies brilliance.


The Month Of Adi

Adi is a month dedicated to Goddess
occurs during middle of July to mid August
where every Friday turns important.

Remarkable being the month
when weddings do not take placee
a phenomenon to the Hindus.

A thirty day period of worship
where devotion holds the prime..
the mundane settles to the back.

Communities  celebrate with passion,
invoke the  Deities with hymns.
It is zeal all the way.

Auspiciousness shifts. Turns
Transcendental. Goddesses
proclaim their influence. Humans trail.

Each Friday bears significance. Encourages
donations to girls and women.
A  liberal thanksgiving.

Bangles, saris, blouses, flowers, coconuts
and betel leaves comprise the take away.
A token of appreciation.

Men find themselves let out.
while the females rejoice and exalt,
praying takes over.


She is Andal

It is love anyway
dissimilar  to that of man and woman
different from mother and child
unlike the one between the siblings.

It is a liking anyhow.
strange conjugation
one might not understand
being a human after all.

It is one of platonic
inconceivable to most
that of sublime ecstasy
purity in thought as well.

I speak of the fervour
professed by Andal.
A girl found in the Tulsivan.
Sings the praise of Lord Vishnu.

She wears the garland of God
Overwhelmed she dances
Passionate. Minds not her
father’s admonition.

Runs to the sanctum,
where she merges with the Almighty.
Love. One of poetic .
None can define nor translate.


Don’t Eats

The don’t eats
found in the media
keep me at bay.

Anything hybrid is bad.
Seedless fruits harm.
Vegetables that shine devastate.

Those that are white kill
like sugar and rice,
the list is endless.

I read with concern
stop buying these
exercise caution.

I lose count of the dont’s
They seem to multiply
in tens and hundreds.

Every one uploads
versions strange.
I am confused.

Choices have narrowed.
I cannot eat most.
How am I to survive?

I take whatever I like
as I had consumed
for decades.

I am alive after all,
will be around for few years.
That much is adequate.


To Me As Well

The havoc already done
I struggle to restore.
A vain attempt I know
Yet I go.

My power and vulnerability
set me apart.
Others judge, I am insane
Why do I deign?

I, myself, am at a loss
unable to resolve.
Beseech and beg those
who disagree to unite.

Ambiguous in my moves
I pose a conundrum
not only to others at large
but to me as well.


Truly Me

It is a heyday,
the calls and the answers
the pressure and the inevitable
check me.

I attend the screaming door bell.
attend to the whistles of the cooker
prevent the doors  from banging
play foil to the car honks.

I run to the porch
see an old friend.
I nod my head
lwith vigour. Funny I look.

Knot my unkempt hair
dry my wet hands
embrace my friend
with love.

She stares at me,
at my hair drawn up high
at my saree crushed,
at my stature .

She is in a trance
glances at me for a while,
Amused or bemused
I honestly do not realize.

She speaks
“Is it truly you?”
I wonder. She says
with a remorse.

Recalling  the days of yore. “You were
dressed immaculate,
was an expression of elegance,
now seem devastated”.

An accomplishment, I declare.
Messy and exhausted
I appear, but I enjoy
these days better.

Forgetfulness has set.
I miss the valuables.
place one over the other.
walk absent minded.

There is no less contentment
denounce myself,
laugh at my follies.
Am stupid.

Joyful I live
That is life more so.
I react with spirit
not with reason anymore.


The Dishonour

An animated exchange
I over pick up by chance.

it is a discourse
between Sega and Mega.

It centres on  the tales
of success.  Incredible.

One of deeds
wrought with a struggle.

Revenue, says Sega
is  essential.

Mega plays the fool
says he mints money.

They break their heads
while estimating the fortune.

How many zeroes for a million?
Their fingers try to make out.

Mega tries in all earnest
tries his luck in a sheet.

Sega quips, “What you do not know?”
ridicules and derides.

Both try to decipher but fail,
They carry on for a time.

Unable to resist the amusement
I chuckle.

They walk away in shame
desperate someone has heard them.


Beyond Justification

An illusion,
creates a virtual image
one of an eclipse
partial or full
I cannot justify.

It haunts
for an extraordinary period
might be months or years
intermittent or continu0us
hard to circumspect.

A prerogative
induces a perception
impacts a virtuosity
real or imaginary
difficult to deduce.

An abstraction,
invites rage
inducts a rebuff
a revenge or scorn
am not desirous to deal with.

One of deprivement
a plunder of the rightful
a way of a siege
throttled with treachery
feel averse to review.