The Month Of Adi

Adi is a month dedicated to Goddess
occurs during middle of July to mid August
where every Friday turns important.

Remarkable being the month
when weddings do not take placee
a phenomenon to the Hindus.

A thirty day period of worship
where devotion holds the prime..
the mundane settles to the back.

Communities  celebrate with passion,
invoke the  Deities with hymns.
It is zeal all the way.

Auspiciousness shifts. Turns
Transcendental. Goddesses
proclaim their influence. Humans trail.

Each Friday bears significance. Encourages
donations to girls and women.
A  liberal thanksgiving.

Bangles, saris, blouses, flowers, coconuts
and betel leaves comprise the take away.
A token of appreciation.

Men find themselves let out.
while the females rejoice and exalt,
praying takes over.