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Common Cold-Then And Now.

Cold is an infection that keeps on meddling you time on and time again. People .like me in my childhood had a perennial water supply from my nose. I was not put on any antibiotics, any special diet, nor quarantined from  my siblings. Cold and I grew together. In the mornings , I had starting trouble. my nose would be blocked , my voice choked,thus no sound came out. Half asleep , I would be dragged from my bed, given a tepid bath, hair combed, and I was dressed up for my school. An oil bath was a must on Tuesdays and Fridays. I used to struggle ,shout,but nothing worked. The oil bath was performed with exact   measure of oil warmed with  a fragment of garlic, a small piece of red chili, pepper and jeeragam.THe oil was profusely applied on my head and body,. I was made to sit in the bathroom for fifteen minutes. Then  shikakai  or soap nut powder was rubbed , to remove the oil. The shikakai was mixed with rice boiled water. The bath used to be warm.  My cold appreciated. in leaps and bounds. proceeded to school with a big towel in hand. My friends used to make fun of me.I did not mind their provocation, instead , threatened them ,that if they continued their jeering , the infection will catch them. That was the way , I was brought up. in strict military discipline along with the sense of pride and independence.In course of time the cold virus, baffled by the treatment and contempt meted out   bade farewell to my system. Immunity developed by itself. I grew hale and healthy.

In recent times, if a child sneezes , the parents rush to the doctor, who prescribes, antibiotics, paracetamol, and cough syrup . The child has to take thrice a day , for five days. The child is  given a sponge bath, and put in a separate room. She is not allowed to go to school, instead put in bed with warm clothes and socks. The child is made to feel pretty sick. The confidence is lost. The medicine weakens the system, kills the appetite and renders the child helpless. After five days , she is allowed to have restricted movements. A week later the child goes to school, half tired . A week’s activities is lost.

Feed the cold and starve the fever is the maxim that comes in my mind. Leave the  cold to itself . It will disappear in a week’s time. Cold in small children is a growing symptom, that gradually diminishes as the child advances in age.



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Investors Made Scape goats

Jose Vinals, a senior official in IMF,told a news conference that banks should hold the equity buy backs and the dividend payouts. They should resist these temptations,as they have started to make profits ,so to conserve capital, adds the executive. 

A vital statement at this stage, when the banking sector is turning around. This renaissance was enabled by the stimulus package and regulations. The injection of billions into the industry has revived the dying functionaries. The call by the official  is a significant reminder, compelling the executives to work in a disciplined ,diligent method.

Deploying funds in the equity buy backs should be restricted. This measure would thoroughly ensue building up of the reserves. The conservation of capital can be programmed by declining bonus,by stalling hike in pay packages, by compressing the  internal expenditure of the institutions. Cost cutting in establishment charges, in adopting frugal norms in travelling , simplicity  in conducting meetings., should also be implemented to bring down the outflow of funds.

Vinals suggestion to stop the dividend pay outs ,propounds a serious harm to the investor, who did a service to the bank, by putting his funds  in the stocks. He did so with a futuristic desire, of getting good returns. If that right is denied to him,what will be his status?His money gets locked up He has to limit his spending. Is it not a severe punishment?He has to face this ordeal, for no fault of him.

X commits a sin. But Y is penalised. The banking executives did all incredible manipulations. They emptied the Bank’s treasury, but filled their own coffers.They enjoyed hefty salary, relished in high perquisites , revelled in unaccounted money ,brought disgrace to the institutions as such  ,the capital got eroded, the reserves depleted resulting in  a crash of the financial system. All these while, the shareholder ,unable to control the illegalities , sat with hands folded in mute shock.

He started feeling happy, when the companies in which he invested , achieved a refreshing look with their stability reinstalled,and profits accruing. He expects a moderate dividend. But , I anticipate , that small assuage would be stoutly denied by the officials. He has to once again resign to the role of a dumbbell.


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A Mad Mad World.

Earth is round. Earth is oval. Earth is flat on the edges. It is spherical.It movesaround the sun in ellipses.When it is closer to the sun it moves faster, and when it is away ,it moves slower. The rotation of the earth causes day and night. The revolution of this blue planet brings in seasonal changes. Thus  the earth activity brings about changes that nevertheless has become a routine.


As earth goes round its confirmed passage without much disturbance,so the economy of the nations which occupy the earth’s surface ,go about unperturbed by any form of irrationality.

The placidity of earth,gets a jolt once in  a way, when an unpredictable threat in the guise of quakes, storm, and grave flooding ,most like Tsunami . The devastating severity crosses man’s imagination. The heaving, the tossing, the burning, the smoke and the frothing signals a shudder down the adrenaline.The effect is so piteous ,extremely gloomy and wretched.Why such risky happenings occur?

It ia a point to ponder. The danger comes from man, emanates from his wreckless behaviour, emerges from hs disdain and contempt for the nourisher-earth. The scary apprehensions are the product of Man’s crudities,and indifference.

So much so the economy ,which binds Man financially gets disquieted by his follies and greed.The harmonious blend of nature and living is exposed to the crude ,wicked demonstrations of man. The monetary aspect sets a goal of satisfaction. The enrichment meanders towards a path of modest curves up and down, as the graph illustrates its upward march and down the lane concept.The slow symbolic activity provides a simple formula of Algebra -(a+b(a-b)=a to the power of 2-b to the power of 2.This established formulae get twisted ,when many inclusions are pushed in. The economic activity moved in an applied deviation, until unthinkable clauses and untenable riders disrupted its growth, The mess was pulled into the scrupulous system, by he selfish managerial techniques adopted by the learned Officials. A throw out of financial aid, a lay out of undescribed deliverance,a muzzled arrangement of records, a dubious spread out of disbursement and collectibles, have collapsed the regulated ,system. The insulation that has been stealthily guarded by the department of finance ,has been penetrated by villains and  foxy executives. Putting the ominous I, before every documentation, every transaction, every sanction, has corrupted the economic system.

It is Man ,who has committed a serious ,severe transgression to Earth and Economy , thus strangling  them to a point of tragic death.

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G-20 summit

Pittsburg has earned surplus revenue ,while hosting the G-20 summit.This is an aside to the serious issues discussed by the 20 nations.

The dominance of G-8 has receeded. This was explicit ,when in November the emerging 12 ,other economies were invited.THe rest takes over the reins from the west. It is an official prerogative, but which actually  is an old news. India , Brazil and China will hold fort. The European nations , particularly France has sunk into oblivion. China has overtaken France.The IMF , has to be reconstituted. Voting powers  and quotas have to be reformed. China  will be the big winner. France ,the biggest loser.The U.S will remain steady.The U.S has to vie with China, in a maintaining an equalibirium . China ,as an exporter , has to consume more. U.S ,as a debtor state , has to save more.China’s currency has been artificially undervalued.Thus China’s  exports are highly competitive, while U.S faces enormous trade deficit.

Pittsburg made a sizeable income fron the meet,also paved the wgolden path or the Rest.

The summit held that recession is completely out, with the pumpingin of billions as stimulus. It is a hasty call, feel the economists, as there is still unemployment, as there is still collapse of banks. The economy is walking with crutches. A thoughtless pull of of the leaning system will prove fatal. The economy ,will struggle. another Lehman  kind of collapse will occur ,demoralising the world.


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Hectic Speed.

Speed is a quality that enables wisdom on one side, and rashness on the other .Speed can be a compliment,when you grasp quickly, act smartly, and understand things in no ti,e. But , the same speed, becomes a derogatory remark, when you behave rashly, when you forget swiftly, and succumb to impulsive desires in too short a time.

A close relative of mine ,got married on June/11/2009. The bride was pretty, well qualified, and brought with her a fortune as dowry. The bridegroom, who is my cousin’s son, was praised and complimented by most of his relatives and friends, as a fortunate boy.His in laws showered love and money on him , not in bits and pieces , but profusely.My nephew was in all smiles. He grinned at all of us .Certain times , his grin gave a quixotic look.He was elated to see so much wealth.Though his family also is equally affluent, they lived moderately.

He took his wife to Singapore, where he is working as a sofft ware professional. The soft ware hype has promoted a cadre of new rich group, which is in a perplexed state of motion. Thehigh salary,at a very young age has corrupted the nascent mind.The boy and the girl started the family, in a rented apartment,with all all modern amenities. The going was good for the first month, that is till early august. From the middle of August, there was a cold war. The girl was unable to cope up with the new surroundings. She is a talented damsel,with an engineering degree. The boy ,after work came tired  and needed some rest. The girl expected outings and wished to dine out most days. The couple started exchanging fiery bullets, Heated arguments, physical abuses became rampant. The girl calle d her parents. The senior people , instead of advising properly, crash landesd on the spot. They joined their daughter in verbal confrony\tation with the boy. He got wild . In his acute anger,he  drove them out of his house.The parents flew back with their daughterr . They have filed a divorce.

The incident looks like the rhyme Solemn Grundy, who was born on Monday, had a speedy development day by day, that before the week was out , died and was buried on Sunday. So this wedlock which began grandly on mid June has drawn to a close by mid September.

I am shocked by this hectic speed. Marriages are made in heaven. The rituals, which mark the marriage , has become meaningless. The hymns invoking the almighty has achieved a baseless attribution. The elders ,who presided over the function and well wishers who graced the occasion ,have become a laughing stock.  Holy marriage has been drowned to a mere infatuatuion. It is not the souls that got united. It is , but the flesh that got assimilated for a short period. Once the charm has waned , the intricacy or intimacy has been dissipiated.

A formula one event will mot be able to compete with such drastic divorces in velocity. The disintegration is so accelerated , that the process of conjoining once again becomes ridiculous .

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Unfolding The Untold

Many treasures are buried under the earth. . Many wonders are hidden amongst the thick dense forests. Many  lovely scenario are  concealed by artificial landscapes. Many monuments are marked by insignificant edicts Many facts are shrouded by illegitimate  corruptions. Many  ambitions  are suppressed by the financial resistance.

The temples built by the cholas are  an illustrative structural evidence to this prescription. The cholas were lovers of art.

The temples bring in a new style of architecture. The building technique is fascinating. The workmanship is simply fabulous.The intricate designs, the carvings, the real to look deities are enthralling. The piety and the enrapture ,one experiences ,while entering the temples are so overwhelming. The serene atmosphere in the sanctum sanctorium is truly reverberating.This is as as far as the elegance and beauty  of the temple.

Reverberation  ultimately ensues revelation. The beautiul temples built by the cholas exhibit their skill, but covet the real intention behind such massive erections. The huge expenditure incurred shadows the valuabe instincts that directed to such workmanship.Values of life differ from one individual to another. The Cholas are fresh in our memory for their executionary skills. But why did they do it?Is it  for the pleasure of building? Is it to establish a distinctive style of architecture?Is it for the piety and love of gods ? Contemplating awhile, many reasons crowd my mind.

The absolution of their sins is the factor that prompted them to erect such temples. They dedicated most of the temples to Lord Shiva, attributing various names ,that which suited them. They lent authenticity to their temples by relating their existence to various episodes, which sound true to a certain extent, a. The contractual evidences that carry a blanket of faith and belief make the temples revel in glory .

The Chola Kings, made worth of their splendid wealth to wipe off their sins,  to clear them of their transgressions, to eradicate their devilish impulses, to find a remedy for their wicked deedslike murders, usurpations, cheating refernces, immoral actions.The monumental establishments provide a feast to the eyes. But , the implicit faith people show  seem to be incredible , and a little far fetched. The blind addiction is extraneous . A strange disbelief spurts outof my thought.It may be an odd derivative, but I cannot restrain my inner  voice calling it absolutely farcical.

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 I  know something.

I wish to announce,

I want you to  follow,

Never be greedy.

Will you do that?

As greed leads to a fall


What do you hear?

I hear something,

I wish to tell,

I want you to abide by it.

Never be greedy

Will you do that?

As greed directs you to disaster.



What do you see?

I see something.

I wish to  record,

I want you to go by it,

Never be greedy,

Will you do that ?

As greed turns you inside out.


I have known

Greed is ominous,

I have  perceived it now.

Terrible is the aftermath

Pathetic is the effect.


I have seen,

Greed is treacherous

I  assure you now,

Horrible is the  pronouncement,

Deplorable is the predicament.


I have heard,

Greed is atrocious.

I promise now,

Implorable is the designation,

Miserable is the annihilation.


Restrict your desire,

Reform your thoughts,

I  ensure you,

Happiness is in placidity

Mercy is in  felcity.





Infections Most

The world is apprehensive of  Swine Flu.My computer is under a severe attack of virus. It was hiccuping  during the past week. It was breathing with difficulty ,early this week, finally it breathed its last a few days back. I tried to keep it alive by putting in the vent . It survived a few hours . Finally,pop it went out.

The hardware professional was out in his errands. To get him in his mobile, was an onerous task. He came two days after, when the power was shut down for electrical  mainteneance. He packed his tool kit ,promising that he will be back as soon as the power resumes. At 5 in the evening , the electrical work was over, and the power was resumed, but there was no sign of the technician, I waited a long time. I was about to lock the main door, I saw a lanky figure rushing towards  my entrance. I was alarmed to see a figure hovering around my premises. I alerted security,who was half dozing. He woke up from his quick nap, opening and closing his eyes, he made his way to the gate. The figure handed over a card to him. The security came up the pathway . I cast my eyes on the card. It bore the name of the Hardware specialist. I frowned. I wanted to fire him. But ,cut short my temper, by calling him to the porch. I enquired about the delay. I entrusted the system to him. He checked the internet connections. spyware, the antivirus blocker. He was doing it with great concentration. I was  a dumb doll. After twenty minutes of thorough check up, he said that the system is totally infected . He has to take  to the office, remove the virus, and fix a strong anti-spyware device . It will take a day and a few thousands  to set it right. I had no alternative, but give the CPU to him. Off ,he went at midnight. Today two nights and a day has passed ,but there is no sign of him. If contacted, his answering machine replies in a monotonous tone that he is out of reach.

I have to be patient. Any virus attack ,these days take a fortnight to clear. My computer is now hospitalised. Symptomatic treatment is given. Please pray for its speedy recovery.

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Music In Poetry.

Poetry is the best form of literature.Music is the finest feature of art.The combination of poetry and music will certainly bring out an amazing quality of art.

The architecture of poetry is  one of excellence. The rhythm,assonance, alliteration are used to achieve musical effect.Metaphor, simile, create a resonance. Irony,ambiguity and symbolism are stylistic elements in poetry.

Poetry is an ancient literary form, predating litercy.The ancient Vedas were in poetic form, to aid memorization and transmission.Vedas of verses-Rig veda, Vedas of chants – Sama veda, Vedas of prayers-Yajur veda, vedas of fire priests -atharvana veda, are all poems ,which are still in vogue.

Poetry is a winged form of expression . It mixes  truth and imagination, rhythm and music verse and resonance, rhyme and music.

Poetry ,when read aloud , poses a similarity to vocal music. The ups and downs, the timbre and texture,the tempo and meter,the dynamics and cadence , bring forth an ecstasy ,that cannot be expressed but only can be felt. The Indian classical music has its origin in the Vedas. The poems set to particular ragas  were sung in full throated ease.The songs of Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar, and Syama sastri  are exhilarated  poesy. which enthrall us. The melody lies in the versification. The lucidity lies in the cadence. The rapturous delight exists in the rendition.

The Carnatic classical music is an evolution of music in poetry. It effortlessly moves between music and poetry, adopting the systems in perfect harmony.It is a beautiful invocation. It is inspirational. It is embedded in fantasy, It is an exposition of piety.

The notation  add charm to the presentation. The structured format reveals an extolling impact. .The flexibility of the music and the intonation during performance  propagate a skilled degree of fastidiousness.

The wings of poesy lift us to a state of intoxication, to a terrain of bliss and leads to a ceremonial escapade from the dull world.

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An Ode To Money.


Where are You?

Oh!I am here,

I am there,

I am everywhere.


Money, Money,

How to find you?

Oh!I live here ,

I live there,

I live everywhere.





Money, Money,

How to use  you?

Oh! I circulate here,

I circulate there,

I circulate everywhere.



Money, Money,

How to save you?

I lock myself here,

I lock myself there,

I lick myself everywhere.



Money, Money,

How to hold you?

Oh!I stick here,

I stick there ,

I stick everywhere.



Money, Money,

How to make you work?

Oh! I  run here,

I run there,

I run everywhere.



Money ,Money,

How to earn you?

Oh! I settle here,

I settle there ,

I settle everywhere.



Money, Money,

How to despise you?

Alas! I shrik here,

I shirk there,

I shirk everywhere.





Money, Money,

How to live without you?

Gosh!I withdraw here ,

I withdraw there,

I withdraw everwhere.




Money, Money,

Thanks for your answer,

Thanks for your advice,

Thanks for your  preaching.