Infections Most

A frivolous thought, at the same time serious.

The world is apprehensive of  Swine Flu.My computer is under a severe attack of virus. It was hiccuping  during the past week. It was breathing with difficulty ,early this week, finally it breathed its last a few days back. I tried to keep it alive by putting in the vent . It survived a few hours . Finally,pop it went out.

The hardware professional was out in his errands. To get him in his mobile, was an onerous task. He came two days after, when the power was shut down for electrical  mainteneance. He packed his tool kit ,promising that he will be back as soon as the power resumes. At 5 in the evening , the electrical work was over, and the power was resumed, but there was no sign of the technician, I waited a long time. I was about to lock the main door, I saw a lanky figure rushing towards  my entrance. I was alarmed to see a figure hovering around my premises. I alerted security,who was half dozing. He woke up from his quick nap, opening and closing his eyes, he made his way to the gate. The figure handed over a card to him. The security came up the pathway . I cast my eyes on the card. It bore the name of the Hardware specialist. I frowned. I wanted to fire him. But ,cut short my temper, by calling him to the porch. I enquired about the delay. I entrusted the system to him. He checked the internet connections. spyware, the antivirus blocker. He was doing it with great concentration. I was  a dumb doll. After twenty minutes of thorough check up, he said that the system is totally infected . He has to take  to the office, remove the virus, and fix a strong anti-spyware device . It will take a day and a few thousands  to set it right. I had no alternative, but give the CPU to him. Off ,he went at midnight. Today two nights and a day has passed ,but there is no sign of him. If contacted, his answering machine replies in a monotonous tone that he is out of reach.

I have to be patient. Any virus attack ,these days take a fortnight to clear. My computer is now hospitalised. Symptomatic treatment is given. Please pray for its speedy recovery.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

2 replies on “Infections Most”

That was extremely amusing but I can understand your frustration and I think all of us have gone through a similar situation where though we feel like firing the guy we have little alternative but to hand over our computer to him. Wish you luck !

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