Hide and seek out there
sun comes out stays
for a while, disappears.

A light drizzle for minutes
downpour for seconds.
 dry for hours. it is the rain play.

The day passes as such
tottering and tethering
Nature holds control

Birds foresee disasters,
 animals react in advance.
 it is man who stays ignorant.

His pursuit for worldly riches
distances him from the environment
stays   dumb and deaf,

Material and money
create an alchemical
 transference in him

Animals turn wise,
show compassion,
turn humane.

Man reaches the space
leaving the world behind,
 a detachment transports

him and his race to a nether
world, he loses his human
considerations, turns a beast.


Not A Nostradamus

An entry ebullient.
The feet that touched the head
 displaying a serpentine posture,
 the legs that struck to the cadence
exactly like the trot of the peacock
 the knees that squat elegantly while dancing
unlike the shoddy exercise ones
 the hip that swirled and whirled
like a windy breeze. not too harsh.

 Staying stagnant.
The nimble feet have turned wooden
toggle and struggle to walk,
 the slender legs appear stuffed
like a pillow, painful penetration
the rounded knees wobble
as the pivotal hinge joints give away.
the hips have lost proportion with pounds
of flesh loosely hanging. presenting
an awkward gait.

That was and that is
the present and past

afraid to think about future,
the lower part of the body
evolves and devolves,
once an apple of the eye
currently exposes a fungus
 ridden fruit, oozing out,
 in the verge of decay,
A process all species undergo
as years gallop