My Greed.

It is the only greed

brews in me for long

being the one to read

could be a direct  lead

while I write my poems

I yearn it should be read

not by one but by many instead

with that though I go ahead

write and write with a passion

could not stop over in a fashion

halt and then proceed in a  fraction

my poems come as a deluge and immerse

at least one of my readers with my verse

the greed as such is irrational in a way

for that any greed be so  always

Oh! I write and write with a devour

could be the creativity in a fervour.quote Buddha from Dhammapada on karma by House of Doves flickr 8502901403_8ea6787c0f










deceit greed Poetry

The Sayings Say

Mercy is twice blessed

blesses the one that gives

and that one who takes

That be of mercy

think of greed

it is twice cursed

curses the one that gives

curses the other who takes

think of deceit

it is twice an evil

destroys the one who does

destroys the other who lets it be done

so go the sayings new and old

take it or leave it is yhqdefaultour goal.

misfortune Poetry sweep.

To The Door.

Is it a grudge? anyway

know not why

they scream and fume

and spell a gloom.

Is it jealousy? anyway

know not for what

they boil and blast

and cast  a doom.

Is it greed? anyway

well that could be

they amass and hoard

a treasure for their progeny.

Well, the way they go about

seem to be steady and straight

there could be a  havoc

a steal of the deposits.

Nothing could be  predicted

like the wind, rain and snow

a clean sweep would bring

misfortune to the


The Propositions

The natives not seen anywhere

the original lets way

the  newcomers take the sway

the inhabitants go out of  the  scene

the  usurpers mostly seen

that be the modus of operation

not in one  country or nation

seems prevalent all over

with the strike over

there rises a drive soberly

not out of anything  lively

but of pure greed whatsoever

a wish to take the land and resources

by trick and deceit in force

the home of the people natural

turns alien to them  in gradual

they become nobody in course

the settlers  start to dominate  by blows

that be the tale everywhere

be it in Americas, Australia  very far

a situation that be condemned as unfair.



The Chase


The land opposite mine  

  densely planted with oil palm

closely populated by a tribe 

 a busy clan never calm

hooligans who take no bribe 

mischievous and up to folly 

oscillate and swing in a mood

break the branch when jolly

gnaw the berries in all crude 

chatter and  whimper all through

Lo! the trees  are now cut  invariably

their habitation is in a mess absolute

sit there they in all melancholy

with their brood in dissolute 

Alas! man  always engages in a chase

scares the orangutans  from their place 




Never be it so.


Never there is peace
Ever there is tease.
Never there is a cease.
Ever there is a seize.

Not anymore silence around.
More of noise all around
Not anymore satisfaction around
More of greed all around,

Neither there is harmony in the day
Nor there is symphony in the play
Neither there is amity in the way
Nor there is diligence in the fray.

That be the mode of living
greatly defined by a killing
A disaster across the being
a destroy of the surrounding.


History Teaches

The stagger and the falter
that comes out in a squander
well depicted in ponder
that of a brother
tries to usurp his own brother
of wealth in a plunder
of his position in a slander
this is the lesson history tells
right from the days of Kings
to that of the recent strings
when the jealousy brings
a fathomless illness in a swing
not that of the physic in link
that of the mind in a sink
it causes a depression in a brink
as the eyes express a blink
the one who usurps flourishes
the other one feels the stress
it is only a temporary phenomenon
finally truth emerges triumphant
the one who lost withstands the clout.Prince_Awrangzeb_


The Colour Of Greed

The colour of greed
they say is somewhat yellow
a pale transparent colour it might be
as the translucent delivers the quality
there be an exposition of stealth
there be a delivery of inkling
that of wanting more and more
not being fastened to the bowl
but getting over the river
calling for a desire much more
that of requiring all to one
making others leave to a shun
that be the fallacy of greed
leading to a direction scheming
where the path goes soft and smooth
climbing up with all possessions
know not how to survive
with that comes to an ending 04-08_yellow
a battle of embitterment in the run
shattering the faith and belief
that if there be good
there would certainly be  a reward. 


The Greed Behind.

The field that is marked
the area that is circumscribed
the border that is crossed
the mark that exceeds
the excess that overflows
the overflow that spurts out
the spurt that gushed out
the gush that flows in spate
well, that is how everything takes place
as the manipulation stretches itself
with a bound and limit
then pierces through the sides
taking the short cut in a speed
calculating the pros with a wit
discarding the cons with contempt
there arises a flicker in the trail
with that the deal comes to an end
as the greed takes over
the passive sleeps over.greed


The world Of Greed

In the world of greed
there is no breed
or ain’t be no creed
that speaks of good read
boasts of taking a lead
be it in any feed
goes down in the deed
not fulfilling anything with the seed
but making it to terribly bleed
extinguishing it as it is not in need
down the drain  it goes without any heed
and that be the end of all greed.

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