misfortune Poetry sweep.

To The Door.

Is it a grudge? anyway

know not why

they scream and fume

and spell a gloom.

Is it jealousy? anyway

know not for what

they boil and blast

and cast  a doom.

Is it greed? anyway

well that could be

they amass and hoard

a treasure for their progeny.

Well, the way they go about

seem to be steady and straight

there could be a  havoc

a steal of the deposits.

Nothing could be  predicted

like the wind, rain and snow

a clean sweep would bring

misfortune to the


A Growing Grudge.

With a great grudge
determined not to budge
he went ahead in rage.

Being attacked now and then
injured him often
baseless being the reason.

Caught in the wrong foot
he gave a big bloody boot
forcing them out of route.

Still they continued slandering
which made him squirming
then firmly he gave them a throwing.

Having a sound base now
to tarnish their faces in a row
he settled them in a blow.

That ended their ploy
making them run in coy
putting him in solace great.grudge