A Ploy Well Played.

Calling it quits
he went out in fitsquit
when rage becomes a wit
while disappointment brings in dim wit.
He walked away enraged
losing his courage
as holding in the range
was abandoned in ways strange.
Knowing how to provoke
they force him to revoke
gaining a victory wholesome
making him a dummy in the sum.
Their plan being worked out
they imperiously go about
enjoying every moment in a chuckle
while he resigns in a buckle.


A Growing Grudge.

With a great grudge
determined not to budge
he went ahead in rage.

Being attacked now and then
injured him often
baseless being the reason.

Caught in the wrong foot
he gave a big bloody boot
forcing them out of route.

Still they continued slandering
which made him squirming
then firmly he gave them a throwing.

Having a sound base now
to tarnish their faces in a row
he settled them in a blow.

That ended their ploy
making them run in coy
putting him in solace great.grudge

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An Epitome Of Pride.

The settlement  proposal lay bare.

He was about to tear.

It had nothing to share.

It was all in all a flare.


He was shaking  and fuming.

He angrily  threw everything.

His exasperation was killing. 

The situation was totally inundating.


The cream of his inheritance had been swindled.

He was left with little to rekindle.

He did not allow its value to dwindle.

So his siblings wanted to meddle.


They came up with a compromise.

It was an edict to legalize.

It was a ploy to legitimize.

It contained nothing to epitomize.


No wonder, he shook with indignation.

Their deceit was indeed  an abomination.

Their desire was truly a profanation.

His ordeal provokes  compassion.


He grew tall in stature.

His siblings professed no feature. 

He called them faceless creatures.

Well, they have no standing in nomenclature.






















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The Original Duo

The conduct of the original duo,

Likens to a differential aglow,

Pulling out from one a few months ago,

Inducting another stealthily as an alto,

Pretending to be genuine at the fro,

Eventually a planned ploy in a turbo,

It is an intended imperative although,

Similar to a conceited grab in a limbo,

Well, the attitude of the duo,

Is as original as the wind flow.