With a Knowledge.

Having done the most
there was nothing more
he could do further
as he harms the near ones
that be his way
as he hurts others
with scathing remarks
as he spreads stories false
that be his way
has he acquired anything beneficial?
yes,greatly quoth I
as he goes on with his slander
knows not one day it would return
would turn against him with excess force.
He is now in that phase
facing the brunt with full strength .
God forbid! God pardon!
a trespass committed fully well
with a knowledge and a trial
that is the only mistake.hurt


A Growing Grudge.

With a great grudge
determined not to budge
he went ahead in rage.

Being attacked now and then
injured him often
baseless being the reason.

Caught in the wrong foot
he gave a big bloody boot
forcing them out of route.

Still they continued slandering
which made him squirming
then firmly he gave them a throwing.

Having a sound base now
to tarnish their faces in a row
he settled them in a blow.

That ended their ploy
making them run in coy
putting him in solace great.grudge



It is big.
The world and its people.
make it big.

Being made big
it grows out of proportion
becoming too big.

Becoming too big
slander kills the people aroundimages (27)
finally devouring world.

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Mind In Delirium

deliriumA mind which cannot rest at ease
involves itself in gossip limitless
talking ill of others is one way
slandering unmindful is another way.
Why and what makes me do so?
makes one wonder ever so.

That mind should be extremely disturbed
with issues that keep it constantly perturbed
either by a heavy irrevocable financial loss
or by erroneous repeated flaws.
The monetary part sends a shiver
while the mental agony sets in a quiver.

Talking incessantly about a person
whom you do not like for no reason
impressively tells that you are jealous
of he being progressive and prosperous
and wish to inflict a dent to his image
by reversing his trend by a senseless barrage.

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The Accusation.

There was a bang next door.

Something fell on a floor.

Other things flew out of the door.

Certain others flew in a soar.

Every other thing was in fours.


The shrieks ranted the air.

The shouts lay everything bare.

There was nothing to share.

There was no one to care.

It was a terrible blare.


“It is you ,you”,  accused a voice in anger

“Not me, me,”sobbed the other in a whisper. 

The dialogue was converted into a slander. 

The exchange was disgracefully vulgar.

The incident did not propose a healthy augur.


The storm died down with an intermittent intervention.

The intrusion became a hapless, weak contravention.

The go back would be a shameful digression.

A physical abjure would have been a better proposition.

Alas! the wordy abuse was an incisive demonstration.

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Recoils And Relapses

There  is a saying ,

That goes with age,

That prevails at all times,

That pervades all through,

That is true till  today

“Do not  beat a snake,

Unless it stings you”



Snakes never bite you,

Unless you meddle with them

So  it is you,

Who is more vicious,

Who is more venomous,

Than the serpent.



As you interrupt the snake,

So you intervene with your counterparts,

The snake attacks with a vengeance,

Mangling your existence,

The fellow strikes  with a sweep,

Destroying your reputation.



It may be Man or Snake,

The revenge is the same.

The harm you do,

Looms large more at you,

Than over the target,

Making you null and void.



This is what happens,

When you  unnecessarily  talk,

When you spread slanders,

Giving way to dark deceits,

While at the most unexpected  time,

It recoils  and relapses on you