Poetry stoicism

First And Final Indeed

An expectation thereon
could become a reality
if the trend goes on
it would result in prosperity.

The wait is a kill
needs a tolerance
if one cannot be still
there would be a difference.

An endurance with patience
would bring glory
Well, then the sustenance
would never be sorry.

A stoicism would help
the resolute would succeed
so it should be a step
first and final indeed.o-MANAGING-EXPECTATIONS-facebook

Poetry Poetry preempt.

Life is Beyond.

There prevails a  contempt.

There lies a scorn.

There exists a distraughtness

There are so many  apprehensions

The life goes on without expectations

moves on with a lengthiness

difficulty whatever   has to be borne

as  the life is beyond a pre-empt.distraught


Did I Not?

Did I not tell you?
said the mother to her son
Did I not warn you?
said the mother to her daughter.
Did I not bear with you?
said the tired wife to her husband.
How many did I not?
I hear all around
I throw my towels
that be the last
Did I not?


The Wait.

I had to wait a little
made me frettle
I was like a kettle
boiling and fuming .

The time dragged on
I sat there all alone
would have flown
if not for the necessity,

Wait, I had to for long
lost my patience not wrong
diffused in the throng
I stood aghast and irritated.

It seems to be over the move
I had nothing to prove
jumped into the car and drove
an end to the wait finally.



A Year After.

The marriage a year ago
where the bride and groom in slow
accepted each other in the go
after they promised to shed their ego.

They lived away from the parents
who stayed away from the children for reasons
yet there arose differences now and then
that went beyond any comprehension.

The girl did not socialize freely with her in-laws
she withdrew into a shell , that be her major flaw
refused any contacts with her husband
a character too firm to be bent.

The man wanted to preserve the marriage
he was unable to read and gauge
the attitude of the girl in a range
he camouflaged artfully the estrange.

There was no intimacy whatsoever
the girl lived on her own, a way clever
while the boy was confounded to loneliness
as no consummation happened without tenseness

The marriage has now hit the rocks
giving juicy food to people’s talks
the divorce finally has been filed
the relationship so far is pretentious and guiled.

The patience and understanding are not found
the economic liberty has laid a firm ground
the dependence is missing on the scene
which brought out an affability in deem.

I am from the age-old school of thoughts
where give and take were emphatically taught
economy never came into the family’s threshold
the theory stoop to conquer was the hold.

I lived so with an adjustment all through
annoyed at times furiously I flew
then softened down to the core without a show
that way I marked my existence in the flow.

My experience would fall in deaf ears, I know
as this era is known for the currency glow
where love and affection find no place
as there is a mad, mad money chase.



Restoring The Old

Reviving a bet
recycling the old
renovating the building
redoing on the whole
brings an expense much more.

Creating is the best form of doing
aping is the easiest mode of execution
restoring being difficult performance
requires a skill and proficiency overwhelming
undoubtedly to get the original back in shape.

Being so, restoration needs care utmost
minute details have to be looked into intensely
emphasizing a keen insight and research foremost
that takes the procedure to a scrutiny sober
releasing a structural pattern of great value.

Mostly none undertake this assignment
as it demands patience and deft handling
involving a time more than needed that went in to restorationthe original
accompanied by the fear of not spoiling the element
that of restoring the nuances in the old.


The Day ALL Along

The morning begins with a call
not of importance at all
but claiming to be greatly tall
so had to listen with calm
that been my way all along.

The afternoon gets interrupted by a visit
not of importance again in an insist
but have to entertain without any resist
so had to endure  being patient
that been my way all along.

The evening saw an experience
totally away from the importance
but have images (30)to undergo without any sequence
so went across it with quietness
that been my way all along.

The night comes with an alarm
predominantly not one of charm
but have to go through it being no harm
so bore it with an equanimity
that been my way all along. 


The Crossword

Crosswords take the mind off

letting in a concentration in a laugh

where the focus is on solving

as the puzzle goes on prolonging

pushing one to resolve  fast

have to possess patience to last

accomplishing the task on time

requires great skill and rhyme

which is not found in many

with only a few having any

love and desire to indulge

as the work needs a grudge

and grit to win over straight.

Life being a crossword

with happenings wayward

the competition being heavy

and the challenges   in levy

few  walk out with bowed head

while the rest camouflage instead

posing they have achieved great

but  in truth they are below the rate.Life






Patience Is A virtue.

With the right turn
she went away
getting hurt
and badly beaten
by the remarks and tease.
She, being genial
got along in cordial
never rubbing anyone
on the wrong side
Taking care in extremes
smiling at all in pleasant
talking in terms cool
behaving with elegance.
Unfortunately she got
a treatment bad
and a deride sad
making her reject everyone.
This being the first time
she expressed her displeasure
and made a walkout
to show her protest.
Patience is a virtue no doubt
But excess of it becomes a vice .


mango Poem

The Big Tree

mango treeMangoes ripe and unripe are in exuberance
The tree provides an inspiring magnificence.
It is in all its glory reveals a patience
that overtakes a philanthropist’s munificence,

The mangoes deliver a colourful hue
with a predominance of green in the view
a pleasant golden-yellow in the intermittent through
Altogether the tree stands out for elegance true.

Boys hurl stones on the mango tree
with that the mangoes fall free
collecting them in a hurried spree
rush away in a delightful glee.

Birds and bats bore deep into the pulp yellow
Suck the juice and tear the flesh with a disallow
throw the half eaten fruits on the ground low
causing a disarray and mess in a follow.

The big tree remains still and silent.
unmoved by the attacks of earth’s tenants.
Keeps on yielding fruits bearing no remnants
growing tall year after year in eminence.