The Disclaimer

Having said that
the half naked fair
is acclaimed as Mahatma
indicative of a Great Soul.
I, in a way, look back
delete not a day from the
annals of History.

Those days of Independence struggle
when the Indian subcontinent
turned violent -a craving for
freedom set the fire.

A lawyer, from South Africa
who being treated shabbily
in the Dark Continent
landed in Mumbai
only to be disturbed
by the agitations
and shouts of indigenous
Bharata Matha Ki zindabad.

His ideas differed from the rest.
The ahimsa he propagated
became an instant call
He rose to become an idol,
a leader who led the Nation
finally to Independence.

Fortune would have it
as be the rule in any cast,
few warriors earn accolades
the efforts of rest
are buried deep with their bones.

Gandhi became an iconoclast.
The Father of The Nation
as he is addressed had many
pitfalls and shortcomings.
The partition he advocated
is an aberration unamendable,
the two countries are enemies
right from the inception
not anytime better
turns sour and bitter
day after day even after
sixty-seven years of freedom.

The Mahatma remains great
while his folly burns
India and Pakistan.
Schism rips apart.




A Year After.

The marriage a year ago
where the bride and groom in slow
accepted each other in the go
after they promised to shed their ego.

They lived away from the parents
who stayed away from the children for reasons
yet there arose differences now and then
that went beyond any comprehension.

The girl did not socialize freely with her in-laws
she withdrew into a shell , that be her major flaw
refused any contacts with her husband
a character too firm to be bent.

The man wanted to preserve the marriage
he was unable to read and gauge
the attitude of the girl in a range
he camouflaged artfully the estrange.

There was no intimacy whatsoever
the girl lived on her own, a way clever
while the boy was confounded to loneliness
as no consummation happened without tenseness

The marriage has now hit the rocks
giving juicy food to people’s talks
the divorce finally has been filed
the relationship so far is pretentious and guiled.

The patience and understanding are not found
the economic liberty has laid a firm ground
the dependence is missing on the scene
which brought out an affability in deem.

I am from the age-old school of thoughts
where give and take were emphatically taught
economy never came into the family’s threshold
the theory stoop to conquer was the hold.

I lived so with an adjustment all through
annoyed at times furiously I flew
then softened down to the core without a show
that way I marked my existence in the flow.

My experience would fall in deaf ears, I know
as this era is known for the currency glow
where love and affection find no place
as there is a mad, mad money chase.



The Culmination Of Attitudes

Every day is new

with the morn you are born

with the night you sleep

that be not eternal


The days are special for their goodness

each one having an attribution

that be of birthdays, anniversaries

independence and valentine.


The assumption that these days

carry an influence and joy

takes the cue wrong

being a belief not strong.


Could not all days be a celebration?

radiating mirth and joy

ruminating with kindness and love

sounds a tall claim anyhow.


All days propose a task

the completion releases an achievement

the attainment ushers a salvation

ending up in a culmination of attitudes