A cloudy Day

a cloudy day
dark and silent all through
shattered by thunder.


forecasts heavy rain
a downpour heavy and violent
a wonderful respite.


A day or Two

A day or two without writing

could be not a relish for me

as I am obsessed with penning

that comes to my mind without fee.


Bogged by the travel and its aftermath

the mind still alert with a curiosity

the body yearns for a rest in the path

have to bow once in a way to its impetuosity.


The tired physic lay down or a day

the bragging mind became impatient

out it has gushed  with a flow in a way

lets not my body  to relax in a deviant.


The mind always wins over my aching body

never it has been vindicated  in a sense

the grumbles and the murmurs of the body

could not diffuse the thoughts that crowd in a dense.






The Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day a day being special
being a woman in all entirely
brought up with care special
doted by all elaborately
being kept in absolute security
that being of an Indian special
the way a girl is brought up invariably
with the mother’s eyes being watchful
the day starts with a strict monitor
skirts and high necked blouses covering full
a tight plait dangling in a loiter
jasmine or pitchi strung together
adorns the plait altogether.

Education being very exclusive
schools selected with care
colleges chosen with a derivative
girls lead a protected life without any share
the world around seems alien to most
it being a regular outing as nothing remarkable
the drive to school and back almost
nothing other than that was possible
the girls worked hard and in earnest
studied with an inclination to excel
many turned highly learned
a good take as being in different levels
the empowerment of woman has come with a gusto.

The Woman’s Day a distraction in this part
many know not what it is all about
being a celebration of the West
Indian ladies go about undisturbed
the awakening is only very recent
wishes come forth from not too many
same could be said of the other days
the Father’s Day, the Mother’s Day
lastly the Valentines Day
all rush in with a strong voice
the Indian community stands aghast
they who know about the festivals and rituals
think not of all these days as special
being on the whole sober to the core.


Hot Day.

A hot day

burning in a way

no breeze anyway

sultry all day

I perspire the whole day

sweat profusely most days

have to for a while  stay

being no other way

try to put up with it as in a play

have to endure throughout the days

being a month or two in a chase.


Excellent Joint.

It is a day out

after a long interval

could turn out

interesting at levels

I hesitate a while

as I prefer to be alone

that be my style

I feel blown

amidst the throng

might sound  unfamiliar

could be the impact of long

born in a family  so familiar

for its distinctive aloofness

interaction is never my strength

observation  is my strong point

as I listen in all earnest

that is my excellent out.jpg


different happenings intense valuation passion Poetry revelation.

It Is A Day

Like it to call it a day

happenings throughout the day

most were for the good

few were not so good

that is the way it is almost

could be not different at the utmost

a day of achievement in a sense

a passion with a great intense

has evolved a stigma in valuation

it would lead one to a revelation.


good Love measure memories. Poetry

The Father’s Day To Me.

It  is Father’s day

seem to me very different

we had in our days

no such events

yet we loved our fathers

did not tell them loudly

admiration and respect we had  together

nothing into the cloudy

it was a subtle appreciation

we nurtured  secretly in our minds

Father to us was a creation

with much authority in a kind

we nestled close to our mothers

fathers stood a little aside.

Coming to my father

his immaculate white attire

caught all eyes rather

never seen him in any other colour

not very tall in stature

posted a smile always

that  undoubtedly won over

the hearts of many in everyway

a  gentleman to the core

dynamic and impressive in posture

sported a  twinkle in his eyes

could write a beautiful brochure

about his routine and ways .

Anyhow I remember him today

not for his genoristy or love

the measure he adopted  in a way

especially towards me in a proof

had made me what I am today

independent and stern in attitude

let me end with good old memeories

as they alone would make anyone k6094394happy.

cheer fear Poetry

The Day Has Passed

it is a long day

uneventful in a way

nothing transpired

not  any inspired

yet the day passes

without any impasse

sucks and erodes

could lead to a corrode

certain days tend to be so

not all days could be lively in a show

the good and bad exist together

so do cheer and fear day has passed together

accept what it is worth for

that would take yo very far.

aspirations Poetry

The Day In A Shine— Allegory

A day begins with a shine

ends up in nine

sees a lot of turmoil

culminates  in a coil

the expectations of the day

springs up in a way

as the day progresses in a velocity

the enthusiasm  turns a curiosity

Would it be possible? One contemplates

nay, it only exists in a template

some say it is an effort all diligent

I say it is is an attitude reticent.

Yes, the day shines and fades

so do the aspirations rise and recedebeach_sunrise_opportunity_poster-r64f13046aae04ad3b77757c0ade840a1_wzk_8byvr_324


Poetry wellness

Pack the bags

Pack the bagspack
pack the sack
walk in the track
set on your way
mind not the day
go all gay
if need stay
try a pray
ease out in a play
that could be in a say
a wellness in a way.