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Love Me Not.

Love me not

love me not with fear

love me dear.parent-embrace

cheer fear Poetry

The Day Has Passed

it is a long day

uneventful in a way

nothing transpired

not  any inspired

yet the day passes

without any impasse

sucks and erodes

could lead to a corrode

certain days tend to be so

not all days could be lively in a show

the good and bad exist together

so do cheer and fear day has passed together

accept what it is worth for

that would take yo very far.

fear mystery. Poetry

The Glare In A Shadow.

The hot afternoon

the sun makes one swoon

a glare through the window

enters suddenly like a shadow

the gleam is so bright

the shadow grows to a height

it expands vertically

not anyway horizontally

hops  into the area  lightly

walks through unobtrusively

followed its move scrupulously

could never keep track regularly

it crossed and  turned  now and then

tiptoed  up and down shadow human

all in an abrupt silence

fear kept me in abeyance

I stood there for long

know not how long

with eyes wide open in a faze

I was locked in an unexplainable daze

fear Poetry terrible ugly world

Why Does The Newborn cry?

The baby cries

soon as it is born

perhaps it is a dawn

the peace is gone

nine months inside  the womb

cosy and comfortable

now into the world of gloom

ugly and terrible

the rotation of the  baby

on her own axis

made her smile like a Barbie

the doll in practise

a lovely one fashionable

now into the world of reality

she has to turn reasonable

as the people around are guilty

hurl stones at each other

throw looks of spite and jealousy\

easily inflict on one another

though with a semblance  of ingenuity

that be the world the baby has to face

that be the place where she has to live

has to negotiate with the nuances in a chase

lest  she would not be able to thrive.

Newborn  criesbarbie

fear Poetry

Fear –Haiku

It catches quick

as fast as burning fire

known as fear.

fear Poetry terrorist world

Would We See Peace ?

The world is so big and small
big in the area it covers
small in the mind it holds
a contradiction could be in that
big and small go together good and bad

The land and water the world has
extends from the Arctic to Antartic
the minds the world possesses
ranges from religious majority and minority
those being Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

With the vast scope available world-wide
found in commercial and connectivity
the mind still nurtures a hatred, fanaticism
instigating a riot and a rebellion in every place
with a siege and terrorism all too much to accept.

The fear to live goes accompanied by an attack
the innocent in an exclusive cafe held hostage
scared and shaky they stay there for hours
the man with a gun sets off all of a sudden
with the big world being rattled and shattered..

Today it is Sydney, yesterday it was Mumbai
tomorrow it could be any city or hamlet
Where could we sleep in peace?
Where would we wake up happy?
expecting a day that would dawn
and a day that wouldSydney Siege see dusk in bliss.

Actions fear Poem

There It Ends.

Monkeys went up and down the tree
breaking its branches in a spree.
They pulled the fruits down in glee
sharing with the little ones in a moo free.

Chattering they jumped down with a thud.
Moving sprightly over the mud
they caught hold of a stud
which held the electric cable in firm stead.

Stealthily they shook the cable
Slowly they brought it down to the table
snapped it with a bite terrible.
Lo! electrocution turned them into a fable..


Actions death Experience fear Poem

Death Over There.

Death is a pang say many.
It is but sad to experience.
All men are born to die one day.
It is but true to comprehend.
Death is a great leveller in a finality.
It is but exact to relate.
The mighty, the rich, the poor go the same way.
It is but hard to believe.
Death gives freedom with absolute majority..
It is but relevant to die.

Actions Experience fear Health mosquitoes thoughts

Battle of Siege

Lady Mosquitoeswindows shut

Close the windows and doors.
Close them at once with force.
Why this urgency? in course.

Oh! shut the windows and doors.
Shut them with necessary force.
Why this haste? in course.

Well, do not open the windows and doors.
Well, do not open them with force.
Why this caution? in course.

Fine as the windows and doors are fastened.
There is no add ons required to hasten
the vigil to guard the entrance.

Getting back into a sober ease.
Relaxing comfortably in the closeted freeze.
Eyed the culprit come up from a narrow crease.

With a startled shock rose up in fear
as the attacker came very near.
Quickly seized a bat from rear.

The misnomer goes round and round in a buzz.
There appears a sharp sting butting out from the tress.
Being not bitten is a bless.

The bat is swirled in all directions.
It fails to trap the one with no dimensions.
The bat proves useless before this manipulation.

What was it? cried everyone in alarm.
It was,it was a menace that causes mush harm.
What to say it is a mosquito in its full form.