The Disclaimer

Having said that
the half naked fair
is acclaimed as Mahatma
indicative of a Great Soul.
I, in a way, look back
delete not a day from the
annals of History.

Those days of Independence struggle
when the Indian subcontinent
turned violent -a craving for
freedom set the fire.

A lawyer, from South Africa
who being treated shabbily
in the Dark Continent
landed in Mumbai
only to be disturbed
by the agitations
and shouts of indigenous
Bharata Matha Ki zindabad.

His ideas differed from the rest.
The ahimsa he propagated
became an instant call
He rose to become an idol,
a leader who led the Nation
finally to Independence.

Fortune would have it
as be the rule in any cast,
few warriors earn accolades
the efforts of rest
are buried deep with their bones.

Gandhi became an iconoclast.
The Father of The Nation
as he is addressed had many
pitfalls and shortcomings.
The partition he advocated
is an aberration unamendable,
the two countries are enemies
right from the inception
not anytime better
turns sour and bitter
day after day even after
sixty-seven years of freedom.

The Mahatma remains great
while his folly burns
India and Pakistan.
Schism rips apart.



Poetry thoughts

Into The heaven

Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of freedom.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of peace.



Into the heaven

let my county awake soon

one of contentment.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of care.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of mercy.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of unity.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of grace.



Rules And Freedom

The concepts and prescriptions get you tied up.
The themes and traditions restrict your approach.
A free flow with an enlarges sway keeps you on the move.
That which falls under any code lends a boundary.
That which follows the rules suppresses your creativity.
The well-kept garden is a lovely scenario.
The forest in its naturel growth is a fascination.
Therein comes the difference of rules and freedom.
Let the imagination go up and down in its own extension
let it grow sideways too with an elaboration
nothing wrong in doing so as there arises an infinitive
something great would descend from somewhere unassuming
with a fantasy and delight hl2_concept_81keeping us in great stride.


Freedom Manhandled.

After long years of freedom
the country is at doldrums
The economy is an empty drum
with nothing in the medium
while its people suffer the tedium.

The liberty is under pressure
whilst the officials in leisure
hold no values to treasure
as the politicians always measure
every thing with as much pleasure.

With that the country gets distracted
while its stature gets disabled
and its features become mangled
perhaps the servitude was better suited
than freedom which remains stifled.freedom at risk


Freedom Fight

The fight for freedom was at its peak
everyone shouting in a shriek
Their anger rose in heights
greater than the blazing fire’s sprites.
Up and above the rant surmounted
leading to a violence in a tantamount.
unable to control the mobs move
the police entered into beating through
There was tear gas and shooting around
bringing about wounds and deaths in a bound.
How long could liberty be suspended?
Freedom was finally promulgated.
Did the people use it wisely is to be interrogated?
But that images (32) we hear is the freedom has been misused. .


It Is A Long Road To Freedom

it is a long road to freedom with a winding steep and high.
The line fallaciously presents the status of freedom
which we are experiencing with difficulty heaving a sigh
and these famous words haunt me and keep ringing in my ear drum,

Freedom from colonisation has been there for some time.
Freedom from the own government has been ever doubtful.
Freeing from the politicians has become a strenuous mime
as they go on in spree of bewildering the masses in full.

Liberalising the economy from the regulatory system freedom1
has not been implemented with prudential norms
making it an infringement and a backlog to the wisdom
pulling the economy to a precarious condition and out of form.

Making the people really free has not taken prominence
as the leaders are apprehensive of their security
feeling that absolute independence would grant an eminence
as the people would attain a stature causing an indignity.

Much has been penned and talked about in length
to decipher a design to promulugate a rule
wherein the people would find their real strength
and prove their mettle irrespective of being fooled.


The Joy of Freedom

bird in a cageRunning through the pages
found a lovely image
of a bird in a cage.
whose big eyes looked sad.

The bird seemed to be desolate with fear
as it had no freedom to relish and cheer
seemed to curl itself in the rear
The image brought tears.

Perhaps the bird was thinking
of its friends in the trees flying
hopping, pecking and singing
enjoying every minute of their life.

The joy of freedom is infinitive
The little bird held as a fugitive
in the cage would get a feed remunerative
but has lost the rejoice of being free.

With a heavy heart turned the pages
recollecting the freedom movement in stages.
wondering how did the fighters survived the outrage
Heaving a sigh threw the book in disgust.

Actions death Experience fear Poem

Death Over There.

Death is a pang say many.
It is but sad to experience.
All men are born to die one day.
It is but true to comprehend.
Death is a great leveller in a finality.
It is but exact to relate.
The mighty, the rich, the poor go the same way.
It is but hard to believe.
Death gives freedom with absolute majority..
It is but relevant to die.