The Disclaimer

Folly in greatness.

Having said that
the half naked fair
is acclaimed as Mahatma
indicative of a Great Soul.
I, in a way, look back
delete not a day from the
annals of History.

Those days of Independence struggle
when the Indian subcontinent
turned violent -a craving for
freedom set the fire.

A lawyer, from South Africa
who being treated shabbily
in the Dark Continent
landed in Mumbai
only to be disturbed
by the agitations
and shouts of indigenous
Bharata Matha Ki zindabad.

His ideas differed from the rest.
The ahimsa he propagated
became an instant call
He rose to become an idol,
a leader who led the Nation
finally to Independence.

Fortune would have it
as be the rule in any cast,
few warriors earn accolades
the efforts of rest
are buried deep with their bones.

Gandhi became an iconoclast.
The Father of The Nation
as he is addressed had many
pitfalls and shortcomings.
The partition he advocated
is an aberration unamendable,
the two countries are enemies
right from the inception
not anytime better
turns sour and bitter
day after day even after
sixty-seven years of freedom.

The Mahatma remains great
while his folly burns
India and Pakistan.
Schism rips apart.



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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