Who Is the Fairest Of All?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
“who is the fairest of all?”
asks Shreya, reminiscent of
the evil queen in Snow White.

Her mirror is a modern one.
It smiles condescendingly
tells Shreya in a soft tone
“Many have asked the same to me.
to everyone I say you are the fairest”.

The mirror pauses.
Shreya eagerly awaits.

The decorative mirror
hangs on the wall
adds charm and intrigue
to the space around
The wooden frescoes
extend a grandeur.

It looks imperious
so to its looks
its thoughts are lofty
and idealistic. Speaks
with authority.
Poetic is its way of address

The Mirror spells out its reply

“Each one of you has this call
whether you are tall
or look like a dumb doll
round and plump like a ball
no matter what you are in self
you should be proud of yourself
say to me and to those around you
I am the fairest of all.”

Shreya listens spellbound
Smothers the Mirror with a kiss.
an appreciation beyond all.