Meenu Learns Dance.

My granddaughter, Meenu,
is  graceful in  her moves
learns dance with a passion.
Primarily, her steps are a proof
thaia, thakka, thaia thakka”
she memorises them with a rhythm
as her feet  strikes in cadence with the” jathi.”

She sings the hymns melodiously
expresses the theme with a “sruthi”
her eyes reveal the “bhavas”  beautifully.

I am enchanted  by her graceful movements
watching her from a  distance
cautious of not being found by her.
My son whispers to me to be quiet.

She is a six-year-old, tender and pretty
wants not  to dance before me.
Placing her in my lap  I coax her with a candy.
ask her “why do you refuse to dance for me?” She hugs me with love
“granny, you mastered dance long  ago.I wish to  perfect the skill.
I would prove my mettle with a stellar performance.”

Saying she left me gazing
not,with a march or a run, as usual.
She glided nimbly dancing
“thaia thakka
“a captivating one all so casual