Bastion Of Chauvinists.

In the morning,

happenings in the kitchen.

The rice boils
the vegetables are steamed
The broth simmers
the clock chimes
eight times.

The school bus honks
the child, Shreya, is in the toilet.
Her mom,Sneha, knocks the door
cries aloud. “Shreya”.

Sneha runs to the bus
beseeches and pleads
the driver smiles, a kind man.
She pulls the little one out
pushes her into the bus.

The father, Ramu, reads unruffled
listens not to the wife’s shouts
nor to Shreya’s cries
his eyes are on “The Hindu”.( A newspaper)

A picture of the Indian household as such,
mind, not the centuries or generations
always chaos suppresses the women
peace crowns the men.

The man is glorified.
His wife is belittled
That is my India:
a bastion for chauvinists.