All For Water.

The river Cauvery flows in silence.
Hears not the pandemonium
listens not to the turbulence
she flows without a murmur.

The riots and upheavals
the slogans and shouts
cause chaos unbelievable
peace takes leave.

Buses are stoned
Effigies of leaders burnt.
Shops are abandoned.
Life is paralysed.

The neighbours turn foes
Karnataka, the giver, is in flames
The angry mob sets fire to buses
with Tamilnadu registrations.

Cauvery flows without abating
and falls into the ocean in Poompuhar,
a historic hamlet in Tamilnadu state.

The courts from the highest to the lowest
intervene and pass referendums
which are followed in the least
leading to death and loss.

Unperturbed, the mighty river
flows happily with a tweet and a chirp
irrigating thousands of hectares
while the onslaught continues.