Praise to The Lord In Songs.


Praise to the Lord in songs
be it in any religions or throng
enchant the listeners.

The goodness of God as sung by the apostles.
The melody of hymns and verses induce a close nestle.
Faith overcomes the doubting mind.

Scepticism folds.
Hope unfolds.
The devotees listen with closed eyes
their hearts slowly unfurl.

The miracles that Gods’ institute,
the cures they execute,

Ailments almost vanish
Paucity turns into a bounty with a relish.
It is God who does them all.

The Vedas are scientific renditions.
The Bible and the Koran are expositions
of religion interlocked with science.

Science questions extensively.
Faith is intensive.
Seem to be contradictory
in real both are complimentary.

Reading and reciting the psalms
together in a chorus releases a calm
a peace, a transcendental elevation.

The Church bell rings with a peal
The Choir sings “Silent Night” with a profound feel.
Mosque echoes the namaaz
Allah-o Akbar flows in the air.
The Temple bell strikes. It vibrates OM.
The priests chant “Om sumukaaya namah
Om ekadantaaya namah.”
(“[i]Namaskaram[/i]the pleasant faced
[i]Namaskaram[/i] the one with a tusk.)
A little away I hear the Buddhist monks recite
Buddham saranam gachhami.
(I go to Buddha for refuge).

Echoes of the divine verses sanctify.
The five elements, air, water, wind, fire and land
harmonise, rejuvenate and blossom.