The Sanatana Dharma.

Hinduism abounds with rituals
Each day has a validity
Could be a worship effectual
a special obeisance to the Infinity.

The religion is not monolithic.
It embraces diverse traditions
Its systems are nontheistic
The religion expounds no restrictions.

Chaturthi tithi is dedicated to Ganesha,
Siva’s day is Pradosham.
Sashti is the favourite of Karthikeya.
Friday pujas are for Lakshmi.

Hinduism is a religion to Westerners seems
not right. It is Santana Dharma ( The eternal law)
Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha are themes
circumventing the soul or Atma.

A faith in itself is a glory
A practice being so inclusive.
Tempers anger and fury
Desire and greed being repulsive.

Not being well defined in the external
the format Saivite, Vashnavite
Sakthi and Smarta devolve into the internal
all focus on the ultimate realisation of the Infinite.

Could be a concept withholding too many diversifications
Hinduism mystically directs the spirit with a persuasion
to the aftermath, the life after death, the Seven Births
being a connivance of fear -a consideration of good and bad.