Almost There!

The monkey on the fence
jumps up and down.
His pranks make me tense
I frown.

The worried mother comes looking for him .
Mischievous as he is
he slips behind the bushes without a hiss
I can see his eyes shine with a gleam.

The mother  in a panic,
runs here and there to find him
As she cannot trace him
her hunt turns strategic.

She climbs a huge mango tree.
The ripe fruits yellowish in hue
excite her, she advances without a hue
of the encirclement of bees.

Ensnared by the bees.
she negotiates through the siege.

Plucks a luscious fleshy fruit
peels the skin and tears open in strands
the juice flows down her hands,
she licks hurriedly, devouring the fruit

The little monkey’s mouth waters,
he rushes out from his hiding
calls “mama,mama”, almost whining
his voice echoes from all quarters.

The mother chuckles having won.
Being her turn to fool
she remains cool.
For a while, plays truant for fun.

Engrossed in their play
I stay in my grilled patio. I lose
track of the time, in a close
unmindful of the sun’s burning rays.

In the milieu, I forget my rice
cooked in the pressure cooker
the whistles fail to trigger
the burnt rice looks like charred fries.