Almost There!

The monkey on the fence
jumps up and down.
His pranks make me tense
I frown.

The worried mother comes looking for him .
Mischievous as he is
he slips behind the bushes without a hiss
I can see his eyes shine with a gleam.

The mother  in a panic,
runs here and there to find him
As she cannot trace him
her hunt turns strategic.

She climbs a huge mango tree.
The ripe fruits yellowish in hue
excite her, she advances without a hue
of the encirclement of bees.

Ensnared by the bees.
she negotiates through the siege.

Plucks a luscious fleshy fruit
peels the skin and tears open in strands
the juice flows down her hands,
she licks hurriedly, devouring the fruit

The little monkey’s mouth waters,
he rushes out from his hiding
calls “mama,mama”, almost whining
his voice echoes from all quarters.

The mother chuckles having won.
Being her turn to fool
she remains cool.
For a while, plays truant for fun.

Engrossed in their play
I stay in my grilled patio. I lose
track of the time, in a close
unmindful of the sun’s burning rays.

In the milieu, I forget my rice
cooked in the pressure cooker
the whistles fail to trigger
the burnt rice looks like charred fries.



Jaspal Calls.

Jaspal never keeps time

he milk listens to chimes

not of the hourly clock

but of the human flock.


His mobile phone has a song

Hindi one as the tune nothing wrong

comes with my milk from afar

a place called Bidor not in his car.


He motors through in his bike

a milk can tied in a strike

glides through my lane  so late

makes me wait near the gate.


It so happens and happened many a time

if not wrong in scores  of times

I would walk in tired of waiting  throughout

a bonanza for the monkeys out  and out.


The day before I opened my door

lo! saw the big old monkey on the floor

had my milk  tied in a packet  in hand

had removed partially the rubber band.


It was sipping the milk through the opening small

I tried to drive him off  with a cane not small

it made faces and sat there unperturbed  in ease

after a time it walked away throwing the milk  in a tease.


That be the fate of my milk on the day before

all my tricks fail in frightening him to the core

my containers serve no purpose in all

every day I have to be on alert when Jaspal calls.









The Year Of The Monkey

The monkey year

one of love and dear

without  economic cheer




The Monkey’s Prank

With our mind oscillating

 and heart always palpitating

 with thoughts always changing

 and ideas always altering

 aith our attention not focusing

 and determination tottering 

we mock at the monkey jumping

from tree to tree greatly doing

it is monkey’s tricks  going by a saying

in association with inconsistency said with a jeering.spider-monkey-jumping-style


A Less Known Travel

Travelling with an enthusiasm
seeking adventure all throughout
went up a dense forest
situated on a hill little away
where wild animals freely roam.
With the desire to see them
my friend and I jumped into a jeep
drove through the entire forest
going to each nook and corner
around the lakes that lay full
hoping to see the animals loitering about.
Having seen many of them in the zoo
behind the cages morose and sombre
wanted to see them free and at liberty
nestling in the forests thick
nudging each other while walking lazily.
Waiting for long time atop the hills
finding no sign of the animals
raised the engine to maklion a move.
Finally to our delight and alarm at the same time
saw a roaring lion shaking its mane audaciously
marching royally towards us in a stately walk.
Negotiating the turn carefully we made our way
along the road driving hastily in a hurry
On our way came across many other friends mild
the giraffe, zebra and the monkeys
lying in the pathway breathing the fresh air
and munching the green leaves in a relaxed notion.


Scratching The Head.

Upon a tree
sat a monkey
scratching her head
There came two other monkeys
might be her friends for long.
They had a reliable chat
with voice raising high
interrupted by a guffaw
intercepted by gestures
including humour and feelings
as well as love and tales
It was nice to watch them
Amonkey on a treelmost half an hour passed
taking not my eyes from them
followed their talk
could make nothing out
but could understand
that there was a bondage
strong and lasting
kept them in terms
without much trepidation.
Slightly off the track
I thought of men
not very appropriate at this time
but could not stop comparing
as men could not prolong
with such affinity
not able to connect so affably
Thinking so, I turned back
scratching my head.


Morning Tea.

The milk man came speeding in his bike
left the milk on the gate pillar
and went off in a flight
Abruptly leaving my work then and there
opened the door in a hurry
rushed to the gate in great speed.
But before I could make it
Mrs .Monkey leaped from her tree house
stood atop the gate near the pillar.
Shouting angrily at the top of my voice
got near the gate right in time
when she picked the milk sachet monkey
and tore it with force spilling half of it
drank a little and threw the remaining into the gutter.
She walked off like a heroine of Hollywood films.
I turned back with a sense of defeat.
Well, I had to go without my morning tea.

Actions Monkey thoughts

The Monkey Family

A monkey was hopping around,

It was playing in and around,

Jumped on the telephone line,

Lo! down fell the line.


Two others were up to hide and seek,

One  hid under the roof in meek,

The other landed crashing on the top,

L0!The roof fell in a flop. 


A little one entered the garden,

Pulled the plants in a style modern,

Out came the roots and stems,

Lo!The garden was damned.


The monkey family was into the house,

Leaving the main family to browse,

How to chase them out en mass?

Lo! the thought kept them engrossed.


Before they could disperse,

The entire household was  in reverse,

How to resume it to original?

Oh!  it would consume hours  terminal!