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Over The Head

Over the head 
lies a sword  
dangles to and fro
about to descend any time  
comes the wind in a blow 
the sword falls down with a thud 
not on the target  as expected 
but down below  with a blare  
be it an end of danger 
a symbol of significant peace
the head escapes unhurt 
the taint remains  unfazedover the head.

The Sweeper.

Need drives the sweeper
to take up the chore
sweeping manually before
replaced by gadgets now
he who received wages low long ago
now lives in ease
has shed his lowliness
holds his head high.


My Grandmother

grandmotherMy grand mother told me
many lovely  stories
understood or not
I nodded my head.

My grandmother told me
many  lively experiences
liked it or not
I nodded my head.

My grand mother told me
many useful medicines
assimilated  it or not
I nodded my head

My grandmother kept on  saying
I paid no attention
I did not give importance
but kept nodding my head.

My grandmother is dead
I really do not know anything
No one is there to guide me
my head goes on nodding

Love At First Sight

Meeting her in the night
under the moonlight
he fell head over heels
no words to express his feel
he gazed at her with wide eyes
won over by her elegance nice
wanted to take her in his arms
as she had an ecstatic charm.
Her hair long and shining
fell freely over her back dangling
Her eyes were wide and full of cheer
emitting expressions of grace and fear
while her lips were rosy and had fine lines
her talk was soft and full of sensible binds.
Having seen never a girl like her
he became mad in love with her
These are all his descriptions of her
His portrayal would go on for ever and ever
never for another one he would go for sure.

beautiful girl

Scratching The Head.

Upon a tree
sat a monkey
scratching her head
There came two other monkeys
might be her friends for long.
They had a reliable chat
with voice raising high
interrupted by a guffaw
intercepted by gestures
including humour and feelings
as well as love and tales
It was nice to watch them
Amonkey on a treelmost half an hour passed
taking not my eyes from them
followed their talk
could make nothing out
but could understand
that there was a bondage
strong and lasting
kept them in terms
without much trepidation.
Slightly off the track
I thought of men
not very appropriate at this time
but could not stop comparing
as men could not prolong
with such affinity
not able to connect so affably
Thinking so, I turned back
scratching my head.

Empty head With Halo Around,

With little brains
and big talk
With little thought
and big word
With little understanding
and big nod
he goes ahead.

Thinking too much
whence he knows nothing.
Acting too great
whence he behaves silly.
Speaking too high
whence he is empty headed
he crosses over.

That be he
who feels he is a genius
and a scholar
gregariously chattering
with gesticulations funny
and speech incoherent
he lives as such.

That being he
with a slant perception
and a scant discretion
making mountains of mole hill
creating a sensation piquant.
living with a feigned glow.

That is he
the man who you all know
who crosses the road
who takes the seat next to you
and who smiles at you with familiarity
and who jumps high in vain
who lives with halo around67642


Is He A Man?

not sureA man of no stature
Short and thin with distorted feature
twisted hands and treble voice
bass, medium, and high pitch all choice
at the same time in a discordant tone.
Talking or shouting know not what it is.
making funny movements like a croak
shaking his neck on and off and
gesticulating peculiarly with his hands.
as though drawing figures in the air.
No matter what he looks in person
as looks are not his treason
but got from his birth in a fashion
something linked to his genetic order
or else to the disorders or deformities that border.
That which contributes much
are his callous objectives as such
greed and self-conceit in straight
audacious talk and manners as traits
respecting none and cheating
depriving the rights of his sibling .
that prompted me to draw a realistic
analogue to his mannerism in a short pack up
by highlighting his appearance in the backdrop