A Bold Move.

it is a difficult move.
A decision hard to take
How to decide?
Deliberating on it for a while.
made up the mind in style
So with the decision taken
all other thoughts are forsaken.
No hesitation what so ever.
Got into it with the speed that had been never.
Packing the bags and closing the household
quitting the job and becoming bold
decided to accept the offer overseas.
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The Blind And The Bold.

A man  tried to cross the road all carefully.

Counting each step he took  attentively.

Tapping his way with a white long stick.

Expressing  cheer without  a slightest tick.


Another man followed him with ease.

With eyes focused elsewhere emitting a tease.

Waving an expensive mobile phone proudly. 

Guffawing with impertinence rather hoarsely.


The first man passed through sensibly. 

With ears  wide open to sound totally.

With mind  alert to the hubbub deliberately.

 Walked ahead unscathed heroically.


The second one got caught in the milieu.

With ears  stuck to the mobile with all due.

Absolutely engrossed in the talk all through.

Slipped into a tumble with a big hue.



The first one had eyes bare.

 Saw only dark nothing rare.  

Distinguished every sound to detail.

Took unhurried steps which carried him without fail.


The eyes of the second were bright.

Saw nothing beside the light.

Oblivious to sound on the right.

He was overthrown by a speeding car -a gory sight.



It is not the  apparent loss that affects.

It is the  real attention that diverts.

The challenged gets ahead.

The fit loses his head.