The Coin and Currency

The coins and currency
their values oscillate
they depend on the economy
the stability turns them steady
with the rise unprecedented
the vacillation makes them ricketty
with the fall harsh

The barter system of yore
kept the economy robust
trade and transaction
were by kind not by cash
that was a system easy and secure
with currency and coins
held place nowhere.

The tiller sold his grains
the butcher bought them in exchange
the oil monger traded his oil
to a goldsmith for gold
while the money-lender
was there to advance loan
with interest heavy.

The money-lender was the only thorn
the rest were in tune
harmony was found in excess
happiness was seen all over
that be the days of ancient
when the missiles and airplanes
were not in the scene.

Bereft ofbarter fast tracks and transport
men travelled extensively
the export and import worked well
bound by no exim policy
they repatriated their revenue
when there was no banking system
all done in miniature
that brought maximum returns.


The Cheer And Fear.

The wind blows 

with the rustle and bustle

at times gentle stock-footage-happy-thanksgiving-leaves-this-video-starts-out-with-a-plant-with-leaves-gently-moving-in-the bringing cheer

realising great cheer and hope

at times fierce raising a disaster

releasing  great fear and harm

there being two sides for everything

a good and bad

the head and tails in the coin

which represents the best

which stands for worst

we know not  in full strength.

The face have two sides

one reflecting the genial

the other depicting the devil.

Well, that be the reason for all

having two sides in all

one for you and one for me

so goes the expression

with a plausibility  and impossibility

with a shine and a fade

that be the facets we perceive

being a regular strand of life.






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Head Or Tail

The coin flew up in the air,

All eyes got stuck in a glare,

Head cried the majority ,

Tail whimpered the minority,

The coin slowly landed in a glide effortlessly.


All hearts thumped  fast,

All eyelids fluttered  very fast,

The coin descended  slowly,

It fell on the ground very slowly.

It could be head or tail  obviously.


Lo! the coin was smudged badly,

No head or tail in it really,

The head got disfigured  in the damage,

The tail got erased   in the  rummage

It was a faceless coin. with no image.


The anticipation died down,

Every visage had a visible  frown,

That which arouses expectation more,

Falters in  disappointment all the more,

A bitter lesson hard to comprehend evermore.






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The Other Side

Beyond the walls lies the other side

Mostly  the pastures are green on the other side,

The numerical coins have two sides,

They do expose a head and a tail,

Man has a single face,

 But he shows different countenance,

 He smiles at one,

Scorns the  other,

 He looks  up with admiration across,

Also turns away  with contempt all over,

 His eyes  reveal kindness,

They emit evil too,

 His face reflects the mind,

It also refracts the heart,

His  heart sings,

It also cries,

His  mind discerns,

It also swings,

The other side is gorgeous  more so

When it depicts a liking,

It is disastrous most often

When it creates a dislike,

The other side in most  attributes is constant,

 Lo! the other side in man is variant.

So goes the Poet’s thought,

Exploring the  thresholds of the human.