The Beauty

Her face has a distinct form

 not like a pear  in the norm

 an oval shape in perfect form

  two big eyes well placed 

with expressions not dazed 

a kindness pops out unfazed

 a nose of mighty sharp 

nothing that of a prop 

 long and aquiline on top

the lips so thin and  curved 

look they like a painted nerve

has a chin effective and pleasant

 not long or pointed in a pretend 

the cheeks did glow with a pink

 a robust  cheer to espy in a wink

 that be the girl I saw on my way

 a beauty that took me by sway.



Nobility All The More.

It is a surprise 
pleasant be it twice 
 an unknown face 
 seen in the first phase 
 offered to let us in
 unmindful of the pin
 without the least introduction 
made us feel at home  an action
 noble and beyond comprehension
 gave not any luxurious enchants 
 only the necessity without rant 
 extended with warmth and cordiality 
 that be the case of great derivative 
strong one of sustenance  in all
 a loving display of greatness  without brawlnobility


The Two Faced Man

He smiles at others
words fall like feathers
kind to his chosen friends
elegant in a trend
has two faces in all
the other one is a drawl
frowns at his wife
words stab like a knife
callous to selected kin
shouts and creates a din
he lives thus all through
his deal is without a clue.2 faces


The Wind

A calm wind
flew through from the hind
in an engulf

The pleasure experienced
was beyond any feel described
a comfort nap-time non pareil.


The Cheer And Fear.

The wind blows 

with the rustle and bustle

at times gentle stock-footage-happy-thanksgiving-leaves-this-video-starts-out-with-a-plant-with-leaves-gently-moving-in-the bringing cheer

realising great cheer and hope

at times fierce raising a disaster

releasing  great fear and harm

there being two sides for everything

a good and bad

the head and tails in the coin

which represents the best

which stands for worst

we know not  in full strength.

The face have two sides

one reflecting the genial

the other depicting the devil.

Well, that be the reason for all

having two sides in all

one for you and one for me

so goes the expression

with a plausibility  and impossibility

with a shine and a fade

that be the facets we perceive

being a regular strand of life.







The High Way Drive

The roads I take are highways
long and straight with no face.
It is drive, a drive to the end
faster and safer without bends.
Paying tolls at every town’s entry
passing through the tolls sentry
reaching the destination well ahead
as we not drive but fly instead.

All being well with great advance
there is most missing the chance
no lively being crosses the way
nothing interrupts the fray
as buildings and houses seen in roads
with hoardings and huge The highwaysignboards
lending a touch of reality and recognition
a sight-seeing like activity without friction.

The hurry which is involved in the driving
makes one despise the very act of travelling
The monotony that gets in the run
robs the feeling of pleasure and fun
Driving straight through the highway
noticing only cars that go in the same way
tends to be stressful and exhausting
Well, I feel that the older way is most interesting.


Face Value.

Taking everything for the face value
has been his habit for long
Believed in everything that was said
You might call him a knave
but truly he is an intellect.
You might dub him an imbecile
but really he is docile still creditable..
You might accord him a degradation
but in reality you should give him a promotion.
He is a believer in truth
and feels everyone talks truth nothing else
while here everyone talks everything
other than truth in leaps and bounds.
Being a staunch believer and rigorous follower of principles
he is finding it hard to comprehend the worldly words.
So he takes up everything for their face value.
A true man living amidst fakes and liars.MEME

Actions Poem


relationshipRestoring old things is the typical go.
Creativity and originality should contribute to the flow.
Mending and refurbishing it to the erstwhile glow
should be the motto.

Things could be restored to norm
careful execution would prevent any harm..
Skilful craftmanship would bring the charm.
The design should be an adorn.

Looks nowadays could regain grace.
Techniques one by one add up to the race.
Wrinkles and lines that mar the face
are removed with laser base.

As all things get a face lift
relationship does not enjoy this gift
as once broken link refuses to benefit
from these regaining titbits.

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A Red Flower Over There.

It was a beautiful red flower in full bloom.

It was  a pleasing red .

It was a lovely red.

It was a cheerful red.

It was not angry red.

It was not fiercely red.

It was not  dangerously red.

It beckoned with a grace.

It reckoned with a poise.

It depicted a welcome choice.

It portrayed  a smiling face.

The red flower’s charm lasted a day.

The red colour faded the next day.

The next morn it drooped down dead on the ground grey.

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Mind You

 Mind you it  is another day,

Not different from any day,

 Mind you it is a usual  wake up,

Not very different from  other get ups.


 Mind you it is going about the normal way,

Buying grocery at the sub way,

Holding a while in the mad  traffic,

Exhausting the energy quick.


Mind you it is another page of your life,

Quickly turned  reflecting the hurried strife,

It is a fresh leaf out in the lease,

Cautiously straightened for a release.


 Mind you age rolls out in brisk speed,

Withering the face to  a wrinkled seed,

Customs break the beauty  to an  antique calm,

Sagging muscles detonate the  exuding charm.


Mind you  life flows on like a river,

Years move on in a quiver,

Bringing cheer and sadness together,

Well, that is how another day gathers.