Fair And Foul

Fair and foul plays the wind.

fair being less of a kind

foul being more with a bind

there rises a wind with force.


The fair wind being lovely

blows across with a soft whistle

flowing through the face with grace

and through the land with  smothering trace.


The foul the wind be all through

raging with a fierce  slew

knocking down everything on the way

tormenting the land and sea all  in a day.


Being so in life all the most

with the fairness being seen less

while the foulness overwhelms

there seems to be the bad overcoming the best.

fair and foul



Mother sheds tears 

pierced  by theimages (64) scathing jeers 

her children becoming  fierce.


It Is Very Dear.

Call it cheers,

Call it hears,

Call it fierce,

Call it pierce,

Call it tears,

Call it fears,

Call it what you wish

Call it what you may,

It does not matter.

As it is very dear.



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A Red Flower Over There.

It was a beautiful red flower in full bloom.

It was  a pleasing red .

It was a lovely red.

It was a cheerful red.

It was not angry red.

It was not fiercely red.

It was not  dangerously red.

It beckoned with a grace.

It reckoned with a poise.

It depicted a welcome choice.

It portrayed  a smiling face.

The red flower’s charm lasted a day.

The red colour faded the next day.

The next morn it drooped down dead on the ground grey.