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A straight play
be it verbal or action
has a sway great
as nothing goes behind.

Straight is always there
the deviation tempts
it is a distraction attractive
that brings fortune tremendous.

Straight is almost a strain
the short cut fascinates
it is a nearer choice
leads to a the roads to success.

Straight is not close
but stands for permanence
it is hard to overcome
takes to a place of exquisite charm.

Straight we go
the more the delay
the destination seemsstraight far
but the safety is there.

That be the greatness of straight
lengthy it might look
strenuous it might appear
the result would be pleasing and refreshing.

Be It Anything

Be it charm

be it harm

it is in a swarm

that brings never  a warm

not surely  a balm

as in the  storm

we get no calm

very much out of form

not within the specified norm

having to survive in prescribed   proceed

that be of great  diligence in the   need.41cMZXNTrrL._SL500_AA280_




The Imbalance

imbalance.The rains lash one part
flooding the whole area
while there prevails  in another  a drought
devastating the entire arena
The extremes do make me wonder
why this imbalance is on the way
forcing me to sit and ponder.
The same way goes the temper of man
while he being so kind and graceful
becomes callous and violent as much as he can
Why do such eccentricity  happen ?
make me once again to think aloud
these  variances make life wonderful
well this is what I come to understand
as I think and deliberate out-of-band .


Rains-A Miracle.

With the rains pouring all over
seeing it falling is a pleasure moreover.
The droplets fall sharply on the ground
piercing through to the deep ground.
replenishing the soil with a wetness
giving it a fertility with a coolness
Flowing through the area in dearth
and getting suck by the earth
the rain disappears as it comes.
Yet the gleam it delivers
in a pleasant move is miraculous.
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Friendliness is Cheer

friendlinessA gentleman comes out stately with a smile.
He wins everyone with a charming smile
He speaks in a measured tone.
He interacts in a subdued tone.
Helping out with open hands is his way of life.
Lending a hand to the needy is part of his life.
He assists those in dire straits for no return.
His good thought enforces a frequent return.
He gets deep into their crisis for no gain.
He gives them solace which is their gain.
His face is like a beautiful flower.
It exudes warmth and cheer as if one sees a flower.
His face reflects an extraordinary brilliance.
Well, it is the overwhelming friendliness found in exuberance.

The Basics of an Ideal Man.

graceThe qualities of men are inborn.
The birth gives a tag with a fawn.
The bringing up adds to the personality greatly.
The background lends a charm definitely.

The pleasant buoyancy is a phenomenon natural.
The dignified grace is a facility of immense approval.
The loving smile is an added tool to win everyone at all levels.
Any move of kindness draws all sectors to a close gathering most unusual.

The family makes a man what he is.
The education teaches him how he should be by thesis.
The association leads him how to interact by basis
The integrity crowns him with glory without any treatise.

Ode to a Peacock.

Up on the hillock,

up on the grassy lock,

up over a marshy  block,

up  at the strike  of the clock,

amidst a happy flock,

there was a  lovely slot.



A dainty entry from the hills,

with a sharp bill,

with a sapphire fill,

calling in a voice shrill,

made its way in a drill,

it was an enticing dance.



The colourful feathers spread  grand,

opened up like a  canopy on a land,

throwing out shiny elegance in a brand,

the dense feathers  enchanted the band,

it appeared as an action of a magic wand,

It created a  trance.



The danseuse beckoned the gaiety of north,

it greeted the pleasantries of south,

it solicited the charm of west,

it bowed to the grace of the oriental east,

 exhibiting  a marvellous feat,

it was a concert best.



Hopping it went ahead,

jumping  it trotted  back,

elaborating it moved right,

accelerating it speeded left,

displaying a nimble footed treat,

it held everyone in toes.

Crooning goes round the peahen

singing tunes of love in tens,

kindling the peacock to  dance  in sevens,

enthralling the spectators to a rhapsodical events,

Good God!  it  was nothing but heavens,

it was a beautiful romance.