Friends and Friendly

Friendship is beautiful
where there is give and take
an understanding is wonderful
with the sacrifice in the make.

Friends are in a general way
a breed different in all
with no relations in stay
the proximity receives a call.

Friendly goes the word in a song
a lively solicitation enters
the rapport blossoms so long
till the approach of banter.

Friends are friendly in nature
the friendship continues without struggle
sustains its lively stature
proceeds friends without any wriggle.


Marriages Are Made —–

Kneeling down she beseeched
apologising for her mistake
He remained unmoved and unperturbed.
She gave up all her takes.

The relation turned sour gradually
She being snobbish and adamant.
He being simple and  friendly.
The attitudes took a chance different.

There being  no compatibility between the two.
Had to move towards a break
Foreseeing  the breach would torment them
she decided to turn a new leaf in the wake.

He not believing her fully
apprehensive of her behaviour fully
did not want to go back wholly
as it would lead to nightmare entirely.

He wanting to get rid of her all the more
she wishing to go soft with him  showed love
the scenario became entangled  once more
releasing an uneasiness  defeating the things above.

All feel this marriage would not work all through
as both being diagonally opposite
I want this to  be carried through and through
as we all know unlike poles attract am I right?ghost_marriage_rituals_bbssq

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Jeff “The Terrible”

The golden brown labarador Jeff
came as a small pup to our family
one and half decade ago in a huff.

He was friendly and unfriendly all in one
cordial with the family and rough with strangers
playing amicably now, then barking in a gruff tone.

Jeff grew tall and strong and became a terror.
The neighbourhood hailed as a “Terrible”
as its roar sent down the spine a shiver.

My children went to distant lands
leaving Jeff to us father and mother
and the three of us remained a happy band.

A few years later my husband had to move
while Jeff and I had to live in the family home
with nothing much to keep us in the groove.

As things were getting ahead in normal pace
I had to shift and join my husband
giving Jeff a lot of loneliness and lot of space.

Jeff was in the care of the servants
Unable to bear the separation
it took ill and became defiant.

We rushed back home in a hurry
Jeff was lying down with eyes closed.
Seeing us he Wagged his tail and smiled faintly.

We knew Jeff was in his death bed.
Next morn a fleet of crows sat around him
crowing hoarsely signalling the end in a trend.

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Friendliness is Cheer

friendlinessA gentleman comes out stately with a smile.
He wins everyone with a charming smile
He speaks in a measured tone.
He interacts in a subdued tone.
Helping out with open hands is his way of life.
Lending a hand to the needy is part of his life.
He assists those in dire straits for no return.
His good thought enforces a frequent return.
He gets deep into their crisis for no gain.
He gives them solace which is their gain.
His face is like a beautiful flower.
It exudes warmth and cheer as if one sees a flower.
His face reflects an extraordinary brilliance.
Well, it is the overwhelming friendliness found in exuberance.