Poetry thoughts

Tumult Not a Fear.

The thunder is in full swing

the rain has taken its wings

the tumult is  not a fear anymore

being a pleasure  all the more

the breeze blows gently

moist laden in plenty

a beautiful experience

after a day of a penance

one  of unbearable heat

enough to beat

even a strong lad

it seemed very bad

as of now the rains

pour in a voluminous  strain

blessed be the people around

cheer being seen in the surround.kaboom



A Festival of Every Year.

Away from my home

not from the real in a sense

was avidly on a roam

where there were dense

a crowd of people around

on an occasion  of a festival

happens every year with a bound

where there be a big carnival

as people enjoy themselves

with a lot of events in a row

of a divine grace on the day

being a Pournami in the show

the devotion turns into play

with the surge of people in a flow

chanting and praying  in a trance

a temple of hundred years  or more

some even start to dance

as ecstasy mounts  to  a maximum

a beautiful celebration  professes a sobriety

as  well as a joy which grips not in a minimum

made me sit and watch for a day and two

an allowance  I extend to myself every year

well, a lively sojourn that I do not miss in true

it helps me to keepchitra  pournami 2016

myself in cheer.








Keep Going.

Keep going  without any break

keep running nothing to stop you

it is a fly with an obvious shake

go with a bounce unmindful of the due

faster you  move success could be yours

turn not this way or the other in the course

ahead you go with a determination

well that could be a manifestation

great going all the way should be the motive

cheer and love would encircle you with a doting.



The Year Of The Monkey

The monkey year

one of love and dear

without  economic cheer



beautiful Poetry

A Lovely Day

Every day is beautiful

with a morn wonderful

the sun peeps out

shines throughout

a day with almost bright

sunny and straight

another day mostly dull

cloudy in full

the days roll on

everything passes on

the good and the bad

the events happy and sad

take place in a succession

the progression and recession

happen with no interruption

a continuous session

that dots life with a cheer

and punctuates it with a fear

that be the day for everyone

most assuredly a lovely one.lovely day


A Holiday

Away from my home

a holiday it is in a way

being  a month and more

I  am out of home for long

hopping to strange places

back to the  den to rest awhile

I resume the move very soon

become  exhausted so quick

unknowingly arises a desire to return

as  the comforts of my own home

so difficult to sideline and ignore

press me to get back fast

nothing much of a difficulty

I now spend time with the dear ones

loving and cheerful the day passes

yet I am not able to suppress  my longing

the call becomes even more loud

I would be off in a few more days

back to my little haven

the space where I rejoice

the place I hold so close.



Old is Gold

A day or two ago

 met my friend of long ago 

old she has turned 

most of the calories burnt 

by age and illness in one show

found her out of flow 

staggers  a lot in her walk

 precise is she in her talk

 physically she has lost 

 mentally she is still fast 

hailed me by name all aloud 

brought back the events from cloud 

speaks out in a voice so clear 

tells me  I look like an old hag with cheer 

Knew not where to keep my face 

I pulled myself away with a long face 

not able to accept that I am also old 

she and I being the same age  in fold 

yet thought I am young not  gone grey 

as my black hair shines in the fray

with coloured dye minimal  and slight 

teeth all original and white 

no make up whatsoever in sight 

I deign myself in attire suitable 

wish to seem  like  one capable  

never did I think that I am old 

 with a smile now, I accept “Old is gold”



dying hair with henna indigo


The Bright Economy.

The economy looks up

waking the people up

arousing the country up

lighting up the production up

enlivening the  society up

the jobs going up

the revenue shoots up

with that there is joy rising up

and a comfort settling down



The Teachings

With the rains not coming

with the heat not going

there remains a lull all over.


The rains used to fall copiously

minimising the temperature considerably

releasing a sense of happiness all over.


The rains perhaps want to relax

and the heat wanting to punish

there exists  an unpleasant  comfort.


The take easy nature of rains

and the penalising attitude of the sun

have evaporated the earth of its  moisture.


The  parched land looks ugly

the sad faces appear desolate

depicting an anguish and agony.


Nature does play truant

once in a few years

teaching a lesson to man.


Man languishes in mirth

and diminishes in  melancholy

never once trying to  change.







Stop It

Stop it  said my girl
Taken aback I stood up
Stop it again she commanded .
I became  dumbfounded .

Stop it shouted she
I got amused and chuckled.
Stop it she thundered
I laughed aloud .

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated. 

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated.

Stop it, sobbed my little girl
I got worked up now really
Stop it,wept  my little one
I embraced her with love.

Saying download (59) stop it meekly
she placed her head on me .
Whispering stop it  softly
she dozed off peacefully

Placing her on her bed
saw the tears drying up
all over her rosy cheeks
Patting her gently
I cried all the more.