The Teachings

With the rains not coming

with the heat not going

there remains a lull all over.


The rains used to fall copiously

minimising the temperature considerably

releasing a sense of happiness all over.


The rains perhaps want to relax

and the heat wanting to punish

there exists  an unpleasant  comfort.


The take easy nature of rains

and the penalising attitude of the sun

have evaporated the earth of its  moisture.


The  parched land looks ugly

the sad faces appear desolate

depicting an anguish and agony.


Nature does play truant

once in a few years

teaching a lesson to man.


Man languishes in mirth

and diminishes in  melancholy

never once trying to  change.







Rains Dodge.

The sky gets dark in the afternoon
with the clouds gathering in one fold
It is still and cool with no winds
all signalling a bountiful rain.
Lo! nothing happened as it remained so
pleasant and chill, delightful and delicious.
Like men rains do dodge too.rains dodge