Serve it hot you may.
Serve it cold you may
Serve it with love you should
Serving such way you could
do service being very


The Teachings

With the rains not coming

with the heat not going

there remains a lull all over.


The rains used to fall copiously

minimising the temperature considerably

releasing a sense of happiness all over.


The rains perhaps want to relax

and the heat wanting to punish

there exists  an unpleasant  comfort.


The take easy nature of rains

and the penalising attitude of the sun

have evaporated the earth of its  moisture.


The  parched land looks ugly

the sad faces appear desolate

depicting an anguish and agony.


Nature does play truant

once in a few years

teaching a lesson to man.


Man languishes in mirth

and diminishes in  melancholy

never once trying to  change.







The December Morning

A beautiful morning it is

chill and breezy all it is

with the whiff of fresh air

comes the dawn all fair

the trees bow down as the wind blows north

they rise up with the wind blowing south

the oscillation gives a soft cajole

leaving us  refreshed on the whole

then come the birds that chatter with glee

flocking with their kin on a tree

with that there heralds children’s voices

rushing out to play in the place of their choices

that be the cold December morning

which  throws out  images (40) a joyful glistening



A distinct And Different Bird.

I saw a bird different

all in light  grey colour with a yellow beak

being not used to seeing birds  of reference

having  such distinct colour and sleek

wondered from where it came from.

Might be a migratory bird from a land

known for cold and snow in the realm

fearing the icy wind  had flown grand

travelling thousands of miles across

flying over the seas and mountains

scared off the iceberg and thaws

has come to  a place certain

where there be no frost  and no cause

as  to  get killed in the cold

where it could survive in moderate climate

with lots of sunshine and water

feeling much better and comfortable  in a state

after the passing away of the charter

possibly would return to her abode

refreshed and re equipped in strength

understandably this images (38) is surely  the bird’s code.







The Mist And Cold

The morning frost is biting
with a mist rising
yonder over the hills
slowing moving with a will
hiding the path all around
a partial invisibility in the round
affecting the traffic in a way
as people get stranded all the day
unable to proceed to work
as they have to look
at alternatives for their sojourn
making it a difficult prone
the day advancing toward noon
yet the mist over the hillschilliness continues soon
heading towards the  night
when it would be freezing tight.


The Common Cold.

images (18)With a running nose
and a heavy cold
in the chest
With incessant cough
and difficulty in breathing
resulting in wheezing.
the common cold
the commonest infection
gives the maximum botheration
than any other ailment serious
Lying down becomes a problem
with a raised pillows
and a more or less
in an upright position
one can close the eyes
and the heart going up and down
the person passes the night
almost sleepless .

Actions Poem

The Party

Expecting lot of fun and frolic
the children went with great rejoice

There was a large gathering
all in a lovely clothing.

Girls in pink and ladies in red
who had assembled took the lead.

Boys in blue and men in white
followed them throwing a lovely sight.

A delicious dinner was awaiting
while the fragrance was enticing.

The party began with the speech
soliciting all with a reach,

Other speakers spoke in length
of the host’s positive strength.

The audience wriggled in stiff bore
as the address went beyond yore.

The children were nodding their heads
as sleep coaxed them to go to bed.

The adults lost interest in the stuff
as it was almost a bluff.

Restless there was a move
with the guests.walking out in rows

The speakers continued their address
unmindful of the obvious redress.

The dinner turned cold and insipid
as the hours waiting for none passed rapid.

The clock struck twelve in the night
and the dinner laid grand was left without a bite,

subscriptions thoughts

Hot And Cold

Massages hot and cold relieve pain,

Tempers hot and cold alleviate complain,

Temperatures hot and cold bring rain,

Financials hot and cold diminish gain.




Food hot and cold increases  hunger

Drink hot and cold affects the singer,

Reply hot and cold indicates anger,

Love hot and cold  destroys the amour.



It is hot and cold ,

That works bold,

It is hot and cold,

That forces  fold..