Dinners And Teas.

With people all around the tables
and the dish laid in a style
accompanied by a concert
where the music flowed in ecstasy
but could not be heard
in its full stature
as there was a noisy chatter
going on rolling upon
the day’s work and the gossip
stretching towards the other one
to the nether one a prolonged affair
who said this and who said that
whose face was morose
and who kept himself to a pivotal
all these ramblings get across
marring the serenity
and disturbing the spirit
for which the dinner was held
Well, this is man’s composure
and trait from ages
down to this era
where the centrifugal loses its place
and the ancillary gets atop.
Well, dinners and teas’ are part of society’s
live through and once in a way
they provide an interlude of ease
but with an overlapping of rumours
and meaningless talks and laughter
the music flowing all over falling on no ears
and the dinner endsimages (3) up with a big thanks giving
for what I really do not know.


A Mockery And Tease

Keeping asunder in a state
feeling delicate of late
had to take a plate
and move in a rate
in a queue who ate
the food with relish
heaping up in a finish
leaving none to have a least
making the feast
a mockery and a tease.


Actions Poem

The Party

Expecting lot of fun and frolic
the children went with great rejoice

There was a large gathering
all in a lovely clothing.

Girls in pink and ladies in red
who had assembled took the lead.

Boys in blue and men in white
followed them throwing a lovely sight.

A delicious dinner was awaiting
while the fragrance was enticing.

The party began with the speech
soliciting all with a reach,

Other speakers spoke in length
of the host’s positive strength.

The audience wriggled in stiff bore
as the address went beyond yore.

The children were nodding their heads
as sleep coaxed them to go to bed.

The adults lost interest in the stuff
as it was almost a bluff.

Restless there was a move
with the guests.walking out in rows

The speakers continued their address
unmindful of the obvious redress.

The dinner turned cold and insipid
as the hours waiting for none passed rapid.

The clock struck twelve in the night
and the dinner laid grand was left without a bite,

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Lady With A Gift.

It was the day before the wedding.
Relatives came in all smiling.
The reception was totally warming.
The dinner was absolutely loving.
There was gaiety and joy all charming.

The photographers were busy recording.
The guests were captured in unaware positioning.
The professionals had photographed the event with exact pinning.
That of a lady with a presentation in packing.
Alighting the steps in quick-moving.

She walked up the aisle in swift stroll.
Perhaps she had a second thought on the whole.
She went down the steps in a fast mode.
She kept the gift in the car’s back hold.
Assuming that none had noticed it in a droll.

The thought to come to the wedding is itself noble.
The presence of well wishers is in itself most amiable.
The sudden change of mind in itself displays a character feeble.
The turn back in itself expresses a pleasant weakness unamiable.
The small incident does not connote a conduct impeccable.