A Call For Truth.

They crowd in the streets
talk in a low voice
Is there anything around?
they crave for news,
Is it really?

Sieving through the imperfections
digging into the debris, he cries.
“Oh! she is a pervert.
Really, is she so?.
Well, she looks deviant
you know. Strange.

I know the woman. She is restless.
Strange? Sure. But, perverted?
She embodies innocence.

The gossip flares up.Spreads like fire
I vouch for her innocence.

Lo! She dies before she is exonerated.
Words are powerful. Pen is mightier than sword
Lies kill. That which does no harm is truth.

Refrain from telling lies. Do not evince interest
on something not pleasant.
Give peace a chance, embrace all with love
all are God’s children.

(The way I felt after reading a poem)


Poetry thoughts

A Fallacy

It is a fallacy all the more

 has to be removed

 could be one of the four.


The first one being a shortcut

 the way to earn money

 abusing the normal cult.

The second being a superstition

 the myth of auspicious omens

disproportionate to the  institutions

The third one of a doctrine

 being  one of an  undue struggle

a misbehaviour of any discipline

The last  one being a rumour

 a circulation of unwanted gossip

 a similar effect of a tumour.

Let us shed all these fallacies

 take up the deeds as they confront

 not  involving into the intricacies.


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Living Privately.

Nothing would leave me alone

no day I would be alone

being in a community close knit

wish to get away from it a bit

none would leave me alone .


I stay from celebrations  most

like to be  in solitude  during these at the most

a crowd seems to take me off from the core

as I wish to enjoy the sea from the shore

I intend to remain alone.


It is the gossip that affects me in all

placid interpretations are not in the call

a twist to the tale be the cause

puts me on hold and in a pause

I withdraw  and desire to be alone.


Folks find fault with me  for no participation

I smile within myself at their allegations

I had been among them all these four decades

require a break from the usual dressing in brocades

I would prefer  living privately on the whole.10373642_10152373894714675_8529262584983976700_n.jpg





peace Poetry slander terrorism.

Peace Attacked

I have lots to do today
not only today but every day.
Hope you have too
Is it one or two?
Tell me without a hide
Do not take me for a ride.
I am not able to hear you clear
Do not mumble, come out without fear.
Well, that be the weakness of all
a murmur and a grumble in call.
That be the design for all of us
Why do we go about with a fuss?Peace flies
With so much to be done every day
why do we talk all day?
Talk leads to gossip in a way.
It becomes a slander in all ways.
The foul words catch fire
seize the entire
terrorism is born unknowingly
peace gets away unseemingly.


Wedding on The Anvil

weddingThe proposal of a wedding
takes its flight on the wings
practically it is any other thing
need not cause a ring.

A happy disclosure it is
news of delight and bliss
likely it is an event to cherish
differently provokes a gossip in a hiss

The flow turns an overflow
the alliance loses its glow
manipulations induct in a slow
precincts of a distinctive row.

Does it express a sensation ?
The bride points to a distinction
The bridegroom sports an elucidation
reigns there a supreme association.

I marvel at this juncture
it is a mild and soft flutter
should go without any rupture
a harmony into the future


The World Revolves.

The likes and dislikes

 the appreciation and depreciation

 all there be contradictions

that make life interesting

without them it would become stale

with no events to talk about in detail

as the human race rejoices

with an interactions most

where gossip takes the coast

as nothing and everything comes into force

while something and some other thing

falls back in the  diligent download (21)course

the important ones lag behind

while that is unimportant

comes into the driver’s seat

gearing up for the chase

compelling an exit dishonourable

Well! the world rotates so

revolving round the orbit

with a desire  to insist on uniformity

Lo! it find none as it envisages

it turns out to be a ruthless  controversy

raking up the cinders still red

with a flaming  burning coal

igniting that which have died down

opening up  a fresh disaster all the more.









The Yards Do Create

Hanging up the clothes in the backyard

she heard the gossip that went round the court-yard

one talking about the other who was absent

building up stories of her without any sense

unable to hear further more as all were lies

she went to the front in a fly

while the court-yard resonated with meaningless talks

she decided all of a sudden to go for a walk

away in the fields wherein the drying yard  that lay ahead

she saw birds  flocking and birds  gatheringputting their heads

curious to know what it was fearing not to chase

she noiselessly went to the  place

well there she saw a bird lying in a pool of blood

while the other birds were fondling her with the head

Struck  by the situation at home and here

she walked past feeling ashamed to be there..





Dinners And Teas.

With people all around the tables
and the dish laid in a style
accompanied by a concert
where the music flowed in ecstasy
but could not be heard
in its full stature
as there was a noisy chatter
going on rolling upon
the day’s work and the gossip
stretching towards the other one
to the nether one a prolonged affair
who said this and who said that
whose face was morose
and who kept himself to a pivotal
all these ramblings get across
marring the serenity
and disturbing the spirit
for which the dinner was held
Well, this is man’s composure
and trait from ages
down to this era
where the centrifugal loses its place
and the ancillary gets atop.
Well, dinners and teas’ are part of society’s
live through and once in a way
they provide an interlude of ease
but with an overlapping of rumours
and meaningless talks and laughter
the music flowing all over falling on no ears
and the dinner endsimages (3) up with a big thanks giving
for what I really do not know.

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A Rare Breed.

SAINT.Scathing remarks bring a broad smile.
Incorrigible words draw a kind look.
Lowly insults resume peace.
Humiliations restore tranquillity.
Let me tell you
The receiver is no other than a human!

Such people do live still.
Unperturbed they go about their duty
Paying no attention to gossip.
Undaunted they work towards a goal.
Let me tell you
they are more than a saint!

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Lizards Talk.

I looked up at the ceiling.

I saw two lizards talking,

What do they have to talk?

Do I sound audacious?

I started wondering,

Their talk continued for long,

It seemed to be never-ending,

I came to understand,

They  too have issues to discuss,

More so like men,

Breaking their heads over money,

Worrying about relationships,

Gossiping about others,

Finding fault with administration,

Scolding their little ones,

Quarreling with each other,

I try to follow their voice,

I could not do so,

But finally accepted,

Lizards can talk.