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Dinners And Teas.

With people all around the tables
and the dish laid in a style
accompanied by a concert
where the music flowed in ecstasy
but could not be heard
in its full stature
as there was a noisy chatter
going on rolling upon
the day’s work and the gossip
stretching towards the other one
to the nether one a prolonged affair
who said this and who said that
whose face was morose
and who kept himself to a pivotal
all these ramblings get across
marring the serenity
and disturbing the spirit
for which the dinner was held
Well, this is man’s composure
and trait from ages
down to this era
where the centrifugal loses its place
and the ancillary gets atop.
Well, dinners and teas’ are part of society’s
live through and once in a way
they provide an interlude of ease
but with an overlapping of rumours
and meaningless talks and laughter
the music flowing all over falling on no ears
and the dinner endsimages (3) up with a big thanks giving
for what I really do not know.

A Rare Breed.

SAINT.Scathing remarks bring a broad smile.
Incorrigible words draw a kind look.
Lowly insults resume peace.
Humiliations restore tranquillity.
Let me tell you
The receiver is no other than a human!

Such people do live still.
Unperturbed they go about their duty
Paying no attention to gossip.
Undaunted they work towards a goal.
Let me tell you
they are more than a saint!

Lizards Talk.

I looked up at the ceiling.

I saw two lizards talking,

What do they have to talk?

Do I sound audacious?

I started wondering,

Their talk continued for long,

It seemed to be never-ending,

I came to understand,

They  too have issues to discuss,

More so like men,

Breaking their heads over money,

Worrying about relationships,

Gossiping about others,

Finding fault with administration,

Scolding their little ones,

Quarreling with each other,

I try to follow their voice,

I could not do so,

But finally accepted,

Lizards can talk.






Stay at Home

Hate to go out mostly,

Find solace at home,

The  incessant chatter disillusions,

The  irrelevant gossip disenchants,

The  eagle like stare penetrates,

The  stinging words pierce,

The  sharp sneer kills,

Cause not like to get out,

 Cause stay at home renders peace.

Gossips All Through

Senseless chatter keeps many engaged,

The meaningless talks are rummaged,

With loads of slander and tell-tale,

Lies rebound in successive gale.

The beginning  is  one of moderate measure

Touching the outline of the  subjective pressure,

A preface to the memorandum of talks,

Is carefully built up in solid rocks.

The process gets into the  core  point 

 Where the imagination runs wild in a joint,

Carefully laying  false anecdotes brick by brick,

As the castle is built-in air by a trick.

The advance options get mounted up towards the end,

A slight twist gives the required turn  to the bend,

The structure unveils a beautiful  architecture,

Exposing the  illusionary fiction  in a well-knit texture.

The  unbelievable believed  story acquires a long tail,

 As  it  spreads to every nook and corner  in a smooth sail

Adding up flavours and spices on the way,

Finally  taking a  flight amidst an integrated flay.